Two products from Baviphat: Peach Peeling All-in-One Peeling Gel and Apple AC Sleeping Pack

Good day to all beauticians!
Like any girl, I can’t get past the beautiful things, and even more so if they are also useful. I want to introduce you to my BAVIPHATs.

BAVIPHAT Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel
The photo: From the manufacturer:
This light peeling skating rink with microcellulose exfoliates dead cells, collects sebum, makeup residues and dirt. Peach extracts dissolve impurities and dead skin, while microcellulose absorbs all impurities. Fruit acids penetrate the pores and dissolve even deep pollution, pushing them to the surface. The pores are contracted, the production of sebum decreases, it has a matting effect. The abundance of vitamin C in peach extract makes the skin bright, radiant, healthy. Suitable for even the most delicate, sensitive and irritated skin.

Detailed opinion: Opening the cherished, cute jar, the first thing I felt was a gentle vanilla-peach smell that called me to tenderness! The texture is more jelly-like rather than gel-like, as the name says.
I apply peeling-rolling on wet skin, an advantage after washing. Enough 1 spoon on the whole face. It’s very easy to use - you need to take the right amount (for me it is 1 teaspoon), apply to a dry or wet face and spread more or less evenly, after which you can easily rub with your fingers until the spools form (and they form very quickly, so it’s better to rub until you get small lumps). After processing the entire face, wash with warm water.
Well, I have never had gray lumps as the manufacturer described (apparently I already have clean skin). The skating rink removes peeling well, very gentle to use. Sometimes it even seems to me (when I switch from one part of my face to another) that the skating roll "warms up" my face a little. The pores are a little narrowed, but not so completely. Matting for a while, although in the T-zone I have oily skin and helps me a little, so I can’t objectively judge. This peeling roll was taken instead of a scrub, so I’m happy with its main purpose with pleasant “bonuses”.
Test period:about a month
Rating: 5 with a minus (performs the main function, the remaining properties are not very pronounced)
BAVIPHAT Apple AC Sleeping Pack
The photo:
From the manufacturer:
Moisturizing pore-tightening night mask with apple extract. Night mask for problem and oily skin prone to acne. Fruit acids obtained from apples exfoliate the top layer of the skin, smoothing the skin texture, reducing pores and giving the face a radiance and smoothness. The mask contains natural pectin obtained from apples, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Detailed opinion: What I like about all Asian cosmetics is the smell. The mask has the smell of applesauce, which you want to eat   The texture is light, airy and melting. Apply at night, after the usual care, in terms of cleansing, but not in any case after moisturizing or nourishing creams, otherwise the oil is oily. Absorbed in an instant, not sticky. You can not worry about the pillow after 20 seconds. Not felt on face. In the morning you need to rinse with warm water with your usual means of washing. You can apply 2-3 times a week.
Result in the morning: the skin is full of pleasant moisture, saturated and rested. With night creams I have such a problem that in the morning my nose is covered with sebum, this is not the most pleasant feeling. Even if I put a little bit of any cream on my nose, by morning everything will “float with fat”   If you don’t overdo it with the amount of this night mask (and for me it’s half a spoon), then in the morning my nose is dry, which makes me very, very happy. Although this mask is also for oily skin, you can also go too far) But finding yourself the right dosage for this problem can not be met. Existing pimples mask will dry them. Since I used the force 2 times a week (and pimples for a couple of days are very rare for me, and after switching to bb cream, I almost got rid of acne), I can’t say how much the mask will completely solve the problem of rashes on the face. The mask also tightens pores, but this effect lasts about 1-2 hours. I have no complaints about the mask, it copes with the declared functions with a bang.
Test period: 2 months.
Rating: solid 5.
My name is Alina, to me on "you". This is my first post, so I will be glad to advice or comments  

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