Catrice Defining Blush Reviews

Hello dear beauticians! I read a lot about the Essence brand at the Beautician, that its quality is sometimes even higher than the price. But unfortunately, this brand is not sold in my city. Like Catrice. Therefore, I decided to order these brands for one online store. I thought for a long time what I needed for such a minimal price, I chose it, read the reviews, and here’s what it came to me in the mail box) I ask for cat))

Essence volume mascara I love extreme. Black mascara
Unpainted eyelashes:

Opinion about the product: I wanted to try the mascara from this brand. I watched the video, read reviews. I read about this mascara that it gives mega-colossal and extreme volume to eyelashes. Those who like it buy it, I heard that it crumbles, so they don’t like it. After reading the reviews, I still chose her. The jar is black and pink, stylish, looks like a cone at the base. OO brush is gigantic. I was smeared all over with mascara. I have to get used to it. I color the eyelashes quite well, I paint twice. And the volume, yes, it gives, but I thought that there would be more effect on such reviews. The usual volume-increasing mascara, only cheap. The color is charcoal black. Sometimes lumps form when applied, but I always comb my eyelashes and it doesn’t bother me so much. It does not crumble all day and towards the end.
Rating: 4+, did not like the brush.
Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss, lip gloss, tone 02

Swatch on hand:
Photo on the lips in daylight:

Product Opinion: I never used nude shine. Yes, don’t laugh, I’m over 20, but I’ve never had one. Only red shine is another firm. And I decided, since the price of this brand is not high, I will finally buy a nude shine for myself. Immediately I liked this series more than others. And let me dissuade and offered other series, I bought anyway from this one) I explain, I liked the jar, it’s nice and small. I thought that I could rarely paint it, so no pity. Then, for a long time I doubted to take the color, fearing that it would turn out to be not so nude at all. But no, as soon as I smeared it, immediately all fears disappeared. The structure is persistent cream, so you should try to smudge evenly on the lips and not overdo it. Sticky! As everyone told. Persistence ... well, 2 hours completely and leaves a slightly visible hydration of the lips. It does not numb, does not form white stripes. I get used to his brushes, a kind of eight, that is, an unusual applicator on a plastic stick. There is a good limiter, which pleased me. Smells, yes, chewing gum. After half an hour there is no taste or smell. Who wants a cheap nude, quite a good choice
Rating: 5
Essence gel eyeliner 01 midnight in paris, 02 london baby. Gel eyeliners moisture resistant tone 01 and 02

Photo of a black eyeliner compared to Revlon (revlon on the left, essence on the right)
Photo in front of a brown eyeliner:
Photo in front of a black eyeliner:
Well what can I say, yes, for the sake of them, I began to make an order! I read to the Beautician, I read, and all I wanted was a gel eyeliner. And I decided to order both black and brown eyeliners. A lot has already been said about them. Gel, waterproof, it is difficult to wipe off later (I wash them off quite well with a special tool), I have not yet learned to apply, the fact is that my Jeans No. 71 brush was not suitable. The edge is too uneven and therefore the line rough. I had to buy another brush from Jeans No. 48 brushes from Jeans and Just (tell me, do you apply this eyeliner with a beveled brush or an ordinary sharp one?) The effect of gloss is like Revlon, it does not. It dries quickly, it doesn’t slip anywhere. In general, you already know everything. I do not like the fact that when it dries in front of the eyes, it slightly tightens the skin of the eyes, yes, there is one. There is some shimmer in the black eyeliner. The brown eyeliner wasn’t at all brown; I had to take a limit. It was sooo dark and even seemed to be kind of black.
Well, the saddest thing is that I only have one eyeliner now! When the parcel arrived, packed as it should, it turned out that the brown eyeliner (with the sticker at the junction of the can and the lid) has the lid open! That is, she is slightly ajar-factory marriage. And the eyeliner has dried up, which you can see in the photo in the jar. And it doesn’t paint at all. That's it, I specially ordered it and no now.
Rating: 5 for black
Catrice Blush Double Defining Duo Blush Tone 020
Swatch on hand:
Swatch one more:
On the face (I photographed as I could, as I picked up under my pale skin and even the strengthened layers are not so visible):
My opinion: I have never used blush)) You probably think that I am from deep woods, but I just: 1) I do not like blush - I have the image of a vamp woman with red lips, black arrows and dark hair (well, sometimes they there are colored ones))) and therefore I somehow didn’t see blush in this image 2) skin problems — I only use mineral powder. So the less any kind of decoration on the skin, the better. But then I thought, it’s cheap, why not not to try. I am very pale and therefore did not know how to choose the color for myself. Peach advised. And even more so if it hadn’t been in color, then money would not be a pity.
For some reason, this Catrice series immediately attracted me. The surface of the rouge is embossed. Blush perfectly complement each other: it contains one semi-matte and one shimmering shades. I apply both shades with a Jeans brush at once. I usually increase the color, although they are quite pigmented. Probably the color on my pale skin doesn’t look right. Shimmer small, very delicate, not striking.
I didn’t like that they smelled of some kind of paint at close range, but I decided that since the German brand should be of high quality. Plastic packaging is cheap, but you don't have to pay for the cover. I’m not going to get flaunting them especially at the Queen’s reception. For the first blush, it will do. No brushes / sponges. I check for allergies and skin rashes - I have very problematic skin, so small rashes sometimes appear from these blush, but this is quite bearable (for me). Durability time about 8 hours. Not bad. The advantage is that a large selection of shades. On an Internet is more difficult, but in real life I think it's easier to choose.
Rating: 5
What do you like from Essence and Catrice? I regret that I did not order varnishes, cheap and small, that’s it. And maybe someday I will try the shadows from there and other carcasses.
Thank you for your attention. I’m Eugene.

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