Nouba Lipstick Rouge Bijou No. 562 and No. 559

And I come to you again with lipstick

Lyrical digression. I have a good attitude towards the Nouba brand. They have very bright juicy and non-banal visuals, the textures of cosmetics are very similar to professional ones, however, they say so about themselves, but I don’t know a single makeup artist who would work on this cosmetics. Therefore, this is just a middle-market cosmetics, with a very interesting palette, its own know-how and mast-head. I’ll write a post about something that I used from this brand, but now about these two lipsticks.
As often happens, two lipsticks of the same brand and one line are very different from each other in consistency.
Red tone number 562

It is red, with a cold, but at the same time it has a noble golden shimmer, so small that if you put a lipstick on your hand, then wipe off the color, then not large sparkles remain, and generally not sparkles at all, but a rather dense golden veil with flashes sparks. This swatch is not very accurate color reproduction, however, the texture and properties can be understood. Lipstick is dense, evenly distributed. Matte with gold plating, but I have not yet learned how to transmit this in the photo.
Artificial lighting:
Entirely, not too revealing, just so that girls can understand lipstick for a certain type:
I can admit defeat - I could not convey all the beauty of this lipstick.
I felt that the lipstick seemed very comfortable to me, it did not flow, did not dry, I did not feel it on my lips. It looks very smart.
The second lipstick of the same line number 559 was completely different. In the tube, it is a peach-coral lipstick, warm shades on the lips disappear and a metallic lilac remains, but in reality it’s just a stick with sparkles of dense kneading of the same color. Such things can be extremely useful on the set, when brilliance in texture or properties is not welcome, and you need to shine.
Girls, excuse me, the swatch on my hands didn’t work out, this lipstick reflexes so much, at the same time not wanting to be applied on the wrist and in any other place of the hand that some strange spots turned out. But here is not too beautiful, nevertheless a more informative swatch on the finger:
Lipstick is distributed unevenly, refuses to go to the balm or cream at all, and doesn’t independently twist it from our ideas into a tube.
Artificial lighting:
Neon light:
I can say that lipstick, for all its seemingly purpose, does not look glamorous or pretty in the full sense of the word, it’s just some kind of ... for shooting the image, New Year, or mood ... when you want to embarrass or amaze. This lipstick is much less for every day than even this one, red. In defense of a certain unevenness of its application, I can say that the more in good condition your lips are, the better it sits. If lips are problematic, do not buy this tone, it will fall off and it will be an expensive, unnecessary purchase. I repeat - it does not apply to balms, and hygienic lipsticks, it can not be applied with a brush, it is actually a dry stick with sparkles. If it is applied in neat, numerous layers, a beautiful metallic shine is obtained. But unlike the red sister, all this magnificence is very, very felt on the lips. To be honest, I really want to erase. The girls on the set joked that it would be normal for a lip scrub.
If you are interested in this lipstick, be careful with shades, and remember that if the lipstick has a lot of sparkles and metal, then it will be worse applied.
Resistance is normal, good. Neither one nor the other eats and dims.
I don’t feel one at all, I want to erase the other.
The colors are incomparable in both the first and second. I have not seen lipsticks like this in the texture.
An original bottle with a mirror deserves a separate positive review. It can be extremely useful to someone who corrects only lip makeup during the day. The mirror is very comfortable, although I prefer to see the whole face when there is a need to tint or adjust makeup. The bottle is elegant, matte, but according to the general impression of the package, which is declared as the one on which no prints are left, there are prints. And they can even be more pronounced than with other cosmetics, which does not even pretend that its bottles "cannot be stained with fingerprints."
I can recommend this lipstick to those who like to experiment with color, and are looking for new solutions in cosmetics. On the Internet you can find sharply negative reviews about this lipstick, but it didn’t cause irritation on anyone’s lips, and many colors of the collection delight everyone.
The price of the issue is 450 rubles in the Elise store, 600-650 rubles on the Internet, occasionally this lipstick appears in Letual - about 800 rubles, if without a discount. It also happens in some Rive Gauche - but I only know about it from the catalogs. Price - depending on the shares, it ranges from 470 to 650 rubles.
both - 5 for color and special effects
Red tone number 562 - for all items 5
Lilac metallic No. 559 - 2 for the difficulty in applying and discomfort
Shelf life - 5.5 months
The post is not too strong in terms of photos. I tried, but failed to convey the beauty of the first and the unusualness of the second.
I'm Marianne, thanks for reading :)

Watch the video: nouba lipgloss e rossetti rouge bijou (December 2019).