Pupa volume 102 lipstick

I was attracted by the color, whether it is pink, or pink coral, it seemed to me that it was with a twist)
Detailed opinion: for me it’s summer-spring fudge, in winter and autumn it is extremely rare to wear such colors. lipstick has a nice texture, is oily, but it doesn’t flow into wrinkles, it glides on lips very nicely, the application intensity can be adjusted, it has a very small shimer that can be caught only in the sun, it doesn’t dry my lips, the only thing I don’t like is the fragrance, it is very perfumed, but it doesn’t feel after application, the average resistance is 2 hours
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

Price: in the region of 300r
Test period: month

Watch the video: MISS Pupa, Rossetto ultra brillante, effetto cristallino. Swatches by AliceLikeAudrey (December 2019).