Pupa luminys velvety baked blush 02

I love the navel firm, I’ve never been disappointed in it yet
The photo:
Detailed opinion: it’s universal blush, they remind me even more of a highlighter, so they have a lot of shimera. I applied it even in the summer like shadows, they looked good with arrows. I stay all day, but just don’t have to touch your face, otherwise you’ll be all sparkled, a brush comes with them, but I didn’t use it at all, I like to apply it with my brush more, my blush has been very economical for a year now, they have such an unusual texture not of one particular color, but of two intertwining, they are a little dusty of the minuses,
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
applied intensively with a brush
applied a little bit and shaded strongly, the sun hid and does not want to show the shimmer

Price: about 400r
rating 5
Test period: 1 year

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