Impala Luxe Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good afternoon, Beautician!
It’s summer on the calendar, and it’s raining outside, the sun is not visible ... So, the mood will have to be raised with a manicure ...
More recently, I got two delicate varnishes - Lilac Essie 'To buy or not to buy' and Lemon Yellow Impala # 52.
Despite the beautiful color, one comrade will have to be executed ... Who and for what?

The first hero is Essie 'To buy or not to buy'. I was subdued by the delicate lilac color, and the ubiquitous advertisement finally finished me off. In addition, I read a lot of positive reviews about these varnishes and could not resist seeing the stand in Rive Gauche. At home, a cunning varnish showed a secret - a shimmer. Which I do not like! But this ... fabulous blue shimmer, barely noticeable only at a certain turn of the bottle, definitely came to my taste. Anyway, it will not be visible on the nails ... it was not there! He is visible. At a certain angle
At first, I was offended by Essy and her varnishes, because the lilac handsome strip, bald, bubble, in general, behaved inappropriately. However, he stayed on my nails for two whole days (with household chores!). This is good, because usually the varnish just comes off with a film on the second day. In any case, I thought that I would not wear this varnish ... but decided to give him a second chance. He is corrected! He stopped streaking and bald. No bubbles! Dry quickly. A convenient wide brush seemed even more convenient a second time;) So the answer to the question in the name of the varnish is “To buy!”. Have mercy!

And here is how he plays on a fingernail! Macro.

The second hero is Impala Number 52. I always wanted a yellow varnish, but knowing how bad they fit, I was not ready to spend a large amount. So at my home settled Impala lemon varnish at number 52.
I am unpretentious to smells because I repaint nails every night, but the smell of this varnish of the dead from the grave will raise! It's horrible. Fuu.
I barely force myself to breathe when I open the bottle. It is applied relatively evenly, slightly streaks, but the second layer corrects everything. It dries quickly, the brush is quite comfortable. It would seem good! But ... the yellow friend left my nails 4-5 hours after application! He came down with a little film, and still stayed at the cuticle. And I had to go outside! Quickly washed off the rest and went for a walk without cover.
Ay-ah, they don’t substitute friends like that, which means - Impal — under the tribunal. Execute!


And here they are together:

Rating: Essie 'To buy or not to buy' - "4+", Impala # 52 - "3"
Price - Essie - about 300 rubles, Impala - about 180 rubles.
My fingers are ugly, do not offend them, and so worry.
Thanks for attention!
I am Anna, to me - on you;)

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