Lucky Essence. Three glitters: 78 blue added, 67 make it golden, 72 time for romance. One shimmer 38 choose me! And two creams: 93 cest ta vie! and 53 you belong to me

Essence varnishes have become so widespread and popular among lacquers that it is simply not possible to resist trend shades! I added six more to a few, three of which were at the peak of popularity. Today's review will consist of a description and display of three glitters, two creams and one shimmer. Let's start with the glitters. I had a certain “fad” - buy Essence 78 blue addikted from the Color & Go series I can’t say. that I was chasing him all over Peter. but to the place where Essence's corners went and there was, this hotly desired varnish was forever not. But the world is not without good people. And the wonderful girl Sasha ( brought me from the glorious city of Prague, out of kindness, for which she thanks again a lot of human thanks!
The enthusiasm for the varnish subsided immediately after application to the first nail
A lot of varnish is accumulated on the brush, but the brush does not give glitter with difficulty. They are distributed very unevenly on the nail, the blue jelly base thickens very quickly, not plastic (I have to quickly and quickly smooth, the naughty sparkles sometimes get "on the butt" and they also have to styling At this stage, miracles do not end After two layers of varnish have dried, when more or less results are achieved, the varnish begins to fade! There is no gloss. Glitter is palpable to the touch. Top coat is required! Only then. When I coated two layers of top on top, effect a I’ve applied the varnish! I applied the varnish without a substrate. It has been dry for a long time. The top solved its problems completely (smoothed the surface, added gloss and 3D volume, dried and creased on the nails). Top grade +100

As a summary: he is handsome in the end, the more he was desired. I will wear. But I won’t buy it anymore. There is no time and desire to shaman around him.
Rating: 3
Price: 60 p. (although in the crowns Sasha said even less comes out)
Now show 67 make it golden. Gold glitter in a transparent base. He bought it a long time ago. but never dressed. since I made friends with this kind of glitter from China Glaze and periodically put it on my nails. But I will demonstrate it. The spangles in this varnish are large hexagons and small round ones in shape. The base is liquid, does not thicken quickly, unlike 78 blue addikted. The brush is not badly typed, but the brush does not want to give glitter. They are distributed not evenly over the nail. Although probably this is not necessary.
In one layer on a light base coat, the varnish is quite nice.
Rating: 4
Price: 60 p.
The third representative of the glitter squad is 72 time for romance. Burgundy-violet glitter on a transparent burgundy base. I really liked this varnish in the bubble and absolutely did not like it on the nails for that. to get exactly that effect. like in a bubble, you need to cover your nails at least four times, at most five. Do I need it? No need) Therefore, for the photo set I made swatch coatings in one layer on a red substrate. Not a fountain of course. but at least something to show. The coating changes the native color of any substrate, except for a dark burgundy.
Rating: I find it difficult to give, apparently just not mine. And the quality is not bad at all!
Price: 60 p.
Having finished with glitters, we pass to the shimmer. Incredibly beautiful and sparkling varnish 38 choose me! I liked this shade both in the bubble and on the nails !!Azure turquoise cream-jelly (oh! I now know this word) with a plentiful amount of gold shimmer, which, when applied to the nails, gives the effect of a golden metallic on a turquoise substrate.

The varnish is laid evenly, liquid in moderation, plastic. Strips and surface roughness does not leave. Dries fast. It is worn three to four days ideally. Native gloss is present.
Rating: 5
Price: 60 p.
And finally, a review of two cream varnishes. 93 cest ta vie! pure cream bright apricot hue. In the photo, for some reason, he goes into coral more, but in life it’s ripe, even ripe apricot Two-layer varnish ideally covers the nail plate. dense creamy texture. At the same time, it is plastic and well distributed over the nail. what does not strip lies flat.
dries quickly, the gloss has sufficient, durability three to four days without top coat.
Rating: 5
Price: 60 p.
53 you belong to me! pure mint cream. The shade, already fashionable for the second season, I really like this color, both in varnish, and in clothes, and accessories. Cold, delicate. Feminine.

It fits well, the technical specifications are exactly the same. as with the described varnish.
Rating: 5 and even more
Price: 60 p.
Summarizing the review of Essence varnishes, I want to note that among the products of this brand the mass market niches are very worthy. But those that did not pass the test drive in terms of technical parameters, let them be for the collection))) I'll try when they get a second attempt , maybe the stars just didn't work out the moment when I decided to paint my nails with them

Regards, Ksenia.

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