Sisley Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm Reviews

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Good day! I want to talk about the Sisley lip balm, which can become your lifesaver for lip care.

Detailed opinion:
I like Sisley cosmetics for the predominant natural makeup. I can’t say that I tried a lot, but from what I had, nothing left a negative impression. Basically, I bought funds for the face, but decided that it was necessary to feast on the lips. Moreover, I can call myself a "passionate nature in the field of lip care"))). I bought myself this balm, I thought to use it during the day, under lipstick shine. But this balm was for me exclusively an overnight remedy.
Lip balm "Comfort" has a restoring ability for damaged, dry or chapped lips. if your lip skin “bursts”, then literally a couple of hours after application, tissue regeneration occurs. The skin of the lips is moisturized and supple.
By cons, I attribute the apparent "fat" of the product. the consistency of the balm resembles a thick jelly. Therefore, applying lipstick-gloss to it does not work - this balm is a clear dominant on the lips.
The manufacturer claims that this balm also increases the volume of the lips. Honestly - did not notice such an effect.
Its composition is very attractive to me - it does not contain synthetic dyes and flavorings.
It is the use of natural ingredients that bribes me in Sisley cosmetics - and in this balm there is my favorite karite oil (well, other oils, but I know little about them)
I bought it "by pull", for 1 thousand rubles, but in stores its price is much more than 2 thousand.
it is expensive. IMHO.
Test period: 2 months

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