Baked powder bronzer Secret Story Faberlic

The photo:
Photos from the manufacturer’s website

Detailed opinion: This is my first bronzer, and I have not yet got the hang of applying it)) I rarely use it ... but I bought it because it was a big discount, now it seems 2 times more expensive in the catalog, and I wanted to try such a thing. Packaging - plastic, made well, not flimsy and the lid closes tightly, you need to carefully pry a fingernail, then it will open. On top of the powder was a pattern, as in the main photo, but it was worn out in about 2-3 applications. The powder arrived without packaging - only in a bag ... a little surprised, because I wanted to see the composition. Large enough volume - 10.5 g. It is very easy to type on a brush. Well pigmented, it immediately gives off all its color - so it's too easy to go too far with it, so I think that this powder is economical, since you need very little. It is easy to shade, if too much has been done, it is not difficult to fix it, even wash it with a dry cloth, and it stays on all day. The manufacturer stated "The powder contains reflective particles, so it gives the skin a very light, natural glow." - that’s how it is, but only these reflective particles are visible exclusively in the powder itself, in the jar, and in the photo. And on the skin of this effect of radiance I do not see ... it becomes completely matte. The texture is very, very tender, fine grinding - it is not felt on the skin, it lays in a thin layer (but at the same time it gives a bright color, as I wrote above).
I myself can’t identify the color
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
The inscription Faberlik - not erased
Here you can see this "radiance", a flash
no flash (under the light of lamps)
On the hand
I probably did a lot on my face ... ?

Price: I took for 50 UAH (~ $ 6), now 105 UAH (~ $ 13)
Test period: year
Rating 5- (due to lack of radiance)

Watch the video: Запеченная пудра-бронзер "В свете софитов" от Faberlic запрос (December 2019).