Vivienne Sabo Charme De Vous Reviews

Good day! I want to talk about one budget lipstick from Vivienne Sabo Charme de Vous in shade 113 Charme de Vous. Who cares - I ask for a cat.

When I got tired of nude lipsticks, I wanted something more juicy and bright. I decided to look for the right shade in the budget option, and Vivienne Sabo was the right candidate.
I will not describe the packaging, because it wants the best, and my copy has patted my life, I often wear lipstick in a bag.
The color turned out to be a chameleon. In the store’s lighting, it seemed like a dark beige, and at home I saw something closer to orange, but oh well, experiments are on my hand. But in the process of wearing, a dark pink underton was revealed, in general, the color, it seems universal, but interesting.
It can be seen that on the swatch it is orangeish. In life, on the arm he is just like that.
And now we’ll quickly move on to swatch on the lips.
No, not so fast! There were problems in the application - I had to tame it. If applied from a tube, it is putty and emphasizes peeling. You need to either "stamp" with your finger, or even apply with a brush. I prefer the second option.
This is what happens if applied from a tube ...

And here is how I wear it in everyday life, applying it with a brush:

All the lipsticks emphasize the folds, I think this option is not critical.
My verdict:
1) the manufacturer positions it as moisturizing. Does not moisturize, but does not dry lips (for the price and thanks for that)
2) it holds on lips well, about 2.5 hours
3) the smell is pretty pleasant
4) does not roll into a white strip, but emphasizes peeling
5) requires well-groomed lips
6) the case wants the best - the inscription Vivienne Sabo completely erased
P.S. Vivienne Sabo website has a classification of colors by type of appearance, 113 is included in the category of universal shades
Cost: about 200 rubles
Test period: year
Rating: 5-
I am Alina. To you please

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