My varnishes China Glaze

It was only worth trying once to fall in love with them ...)

In total, I have 8 varnishes of this brand. I dearly love these varnishes because they perfectly fit in two layers (below on swatch all varnishes are in two layers without coating), dry quickly and keep relatively well. The brush is convenient for me. Colors are also presented in the palette for every taste) All of them cost me 180 rubles. So ... sorry for applying
1 pair: Red-Curl-Grl and Stroll.
Both varnishes are jelly with a shimmer. Stroll in my opinion is simply amazing

2 pair: Flirty Femininity (pinker) and Trophy Wife

FF at the finish - pearl lacquer, and TW - shimmer cream)

3 pair: Knotty and Side-Saddle

Knotty warm beige with a shimmer, SS - reminds me of purple ink) is very beautiful)

4 pair: Hey Doll and Midtown Magic

Complex brown HD lacquer with a pearl finish, MM - black-brown base with a lot of sparkling shimmer. Handsome =)

That's my whole collection of China Glaze)) I’m Masha, to me on the "you"

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