Manhattan Powder Mat Make up # 82 Powder Foundation

I used this foundation a few years ago, and buying one after another. I really liked the effect on my problematic skin at that time. Having recently seen it in the American online store, I could not resist. Who cares to know more about this?
This foundation is very dense with powdery particles. It is applied and shaded quite easily. Lays down evenly, without spots.
It turns out a dense ideal coating, but at the same time there is no mask feeling on the face, and the tonal on the face is "not visible", ie it does not look like plaster on the face, despite its density. The skin becomes smooth and beautiful, as from the cover of a magazine. After this tonal powder it makes no sense to apply the powder, a matte powder coating is ideal. The most important thing is that even in hot weather the cream does not flow, and no shine will appear on the face and it will not be necessary to correct makeup. By purchasing this product you get 3 in 1, namely: foundation, powder, matting napkins. Before use, it is necessary to moisturize the skin well. The cream does not dry and does not tighten. Designed for combination skin, but suitable for both normal and dry. As for underlining peeling, I don’t know. It is very economical, squeezed out by a dense sausage, with powdery particles that melt when applied. It looks like this:

My color is 82 beige, it is more suitable for slightly tanned skin, in the summer I like to use it. The packaging is ordinary, a tube, but it is very convenient to use. Shelf life 3 years. The smell is very pleasant, cosmetic.
I want to warn you right away! For lovers of BB creams, tonal mousses and fluids, this foundation will NOT LIKE!

Period of use: more than 2 years
Rating: 5+
Price: 10-15 dollars