Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush Reviews

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Now about the brushes. I have the main ones: Bronzer, Eye Liner, Touch Up, Foundation, Face
I will say right away that all brushes of tremendous quality, for me, are so much better than MAS, almost all are multifunctional. Packed with high quality, tight. Wooden handles (except faces), on each pen it is written what kind of brush. Metal mount. I experienced a lot of washing without loss. I took with me on business trips, where I had to wash with soap, we did not lose sight, they did not climb at all.
So, the heroes:
1) Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush (brush for bronzer)
I came to the corner for a brush for blush, the consultant persuaded me to take this one. What I do not regret. It is suitable for powder, and for a bronzer, and for a highlighter, and, of course. for blush. I can’t imagine how else to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. One touch - and the product is in place. Due to the fact that the brush has ribs, the highlighter and bronzer (narrow side) are easily distributed. I at one time even managed to make a correction with it))) Soft, fluffy, natural pile. picks up the product perfectly, gives too.
The only thing to wash it is hell. It is very difficult to wash, dries for a long time. Since now I use it for the pink Zhivanshi rouge, I do not wash it very often, I just treat Diaaseptic 30 before each use. Therefore, I apologize for the fact that some brushes are not washed.
Rating: 5+
Duration of use: 3 years
Price: about 2300, I do not remember exactly
2) Bobbi Brown Eye Liner Brush (eyeliner brush)
Long chose between this brush and Ultra Fine Eye Liner (standard narrow). Took this one. Still not sure))
It’s not so convenient to apply eyeliner (gel, the same BB), in order to make a tiny arrow you need to try. But I'm used to it. It is ideal for BB style shooters: oily and without a tip. She also does great concealer / corrector. With a bang copes with cream shadows. In general, multi-pit))) Pile synthetic. Over time, it was a little fluffy, but it did not affect my work. It’s also not very easy to wash it at the base, still tight))
Rating: 5-
Duration of use: 3 years
Price: puff, about 1300
3) Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush (brush for local use on the face and eyes)
The most versatile. The manufacturer claims that initially it is a brush for local use with corrector, concealer, tone, and in any formulas, it ideally helps to hide redness in hard to reach places near the nose and under the eyes. It can also be used for applying shadows. I adapted it under the shadows. And applied the main color, and even painted a fold, and excellent. Somehow I feel sorry for lowering it in tone, it is washed worse (than shadows), and the pile is light. Very elastic, short, very tightly packed. Gets excellent, gives accurately. Stews well. In general, you can completely do one with her eyes, and even cover up a pimple))) It is easy to clean. Dries fast. Holds a form.
Rating: 5+
Duration of use: 2 years
Price: about 1300
4) Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush (foundation brush)
Common language, only travel version. I came across her in duty free and was delighted. It is more convenient than the standard size. At least for me. In general, it’s not always convenient for me to use standard brushes with long handles; sometimes I want to shorten these pens for myself.
Pile synthetic. In addition to size, there is nothing special in it, but I don’t really like languages ​​(((I took it on business trips, it’s convenient. It takes up little space. Girls. I'm sorry that it’s not washed (((I didn’t have time already.
Rating: 4
Duration of use: 2 years
Price: about 30 euros in duty free
5) Bobbi Brown Face Brush (face brush).
In principle, in form it is what the people call Kabuki, respectively, and the application also: powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter.
Tightly packed. Very tight. Pile elastic. I will not say that it is soft and delicate. Washing her even more hell than washing a brush for a bronzer. It is applied both with a veil and tightly - this is how to apply. Gaining well, not very good. Rather, an option for a handbag or for travel. Still, at home it is more convenient to use more suitable brushes.
Well, the bonus that I fell for))))
A small leather case with a zipper for this baby. I carry in it in a bag, I carry on all the same unfortunate business trips. Here it is convenient - to all brushes on such a cover)))
rating: 4
Duration of use: 2 years
Price: about 35 euros in duty free
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