Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash-Pamping Spotlight Shine Lipgloss Reviews

My summer favorite 2012

Detailed opinion:
The gloss is light in texture, absolutely not sticky, it doesn’t feel on the lips (for me it is the most important thing in lip gloss), transparent with a golden shimmer, it has a creamy ice cream taste (for me), it moisturizes my lips well (I don’t use a hygienic basis) Holds a decent amount of time.
I want to note the brush, it copes with its task, it differs significantly from the "concrete" brushes of budgetary shine.
It is only one ... This is the limit, it’s quickly ending, I use it for about 3 weeks, not every day and already 1/3 of the content is empty. Probably the luster is generously typed on the brush.
Artificial lighting:
Artificial lighting (flash). An hour has passed after application, the gloss has eaten in the corners of the lips
Rating: 5
Price: about 1200 at a discount
Test period: month
Thanks for attention! Beauty will save the world

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