My new love. Huge multi-colored review of Organic Shop products

Well, girls, which of us doesn’t like to shut ourselves in the bathroom with a bunch of great money? This is a real meditation - to put yourself in order, calm down, improve your mood and well-being, relax, in the end. In my universe everyone needs it   and I am no exception.
So somehow I accidentally bought two jars of Ogranic Shop just like that, not counting on anything, running past (as always, however))) It was a hair mask with jasmine and a body scrub “Brazilian coffee”. I must say that the smell of jasmine, and even more so I can’t stand the coffee. Why did I buy them then - I have no idea. She came home, and in a fit of gloating skepticism, she opened both jars. And (Oh, God!) I almost went crazy with delicious sweet smells. She put a mask on her hair and picked up a scrub. Here it turned out that I fell in love forever. And buy more. Lot. Lots of.

What the manufacturer writes to us about his brand:
General idea "Simplicity, Cleanliness, Naturalness"
- simple combinations of natural components,
- simple effective formulas,
- simple, safe, convenient packaging.
- without parabens, SLS, silicones,
- without synthetic fragrances and dyes,
- without synthetic preservatives and polyethylene.
- the most natural formulas,
- maximum content of natural components,
- contains certified organic extracts and oils

I divided the post into two parts. Jars and bottles. It’s more convenient) Do not look that in the photo almost all the cans are full, it’s my habit to photograph all the beauty right away while it’s in good shape  , I use all means from two weeks to a month and a half (something has already ended).
I'll start with the jars. (from left to right, in order)
1. Organic Shop - Organic sandalwood & salt Bath salt - Bath salt Red sandalwood (organic sandalwood extract, sea salt).
Large salt crystals of a beautiful red-pink color with a wonderful smell. It smells of fresh green foliage and sandalwood, apparently a smell gives a mixture of wood oils and patchouli. The smell is not at all sharp, very natural or something. It seems to me that it smells just like that in some exotic forest. When added to water, it very, very weakly stains it, the smell almost disappears. Water becomes very soft (I was even surprised). True, it poured a little more than the instructions say. I got the impression that the water became like jelly - soft and tender. The skin after such a bath is not tightened, a feeling of comfort. Contains patchouli essential oil, cedar oil. As dyes, lycopene is declared (let's hope that in our case, natural, which is obtained from tomato extraction, but not chemically synthesized, but it is not completely organic. It has antioxidant and other useful properties) and Caramel (a food coloring obtained from caramelization of sugar , popularly E150).
Banks are enough for 5 times. Ended, buy more.
Rating: 5
2. Organic Shop - Organic cherry & pearl Bath pearl - Bath salt Kenyan cherry (organic cherry extract, pearls).
Small pink balls of sea salt, a little pearly. They smell chemically, sweet cherry chewing gum (or something like that). There are lumps of salt in the jar (maybe due to humidity). When added to water, it softens it, almost does not stain, and it is also seen that there is a little oil on the surface in the water. Gives water a very faint odor. The skin after such a bath does not tighten, comfortable. I did not notice any radiance (from the nacre in the composition). Nothing special, and, to be honest, I didn’t like the smell, I expected more naturalness. It also contains cherry seed oil.
Rating: 4 (for a strange smell).
3. Organic Shop - Organic rosemary & milk Bath sugar - Sugar for baths Milk caramel (organic rosemary extract, milk).
A mixture of fine sugar and powdered milk with the smell of something milky-sweet and rosemary. Together it turns out very cloyingly and specifically. Perhaps the only thing that I did not understand at all. I wanted a tasty smell, but it was not in the bank or in the bath. For me, this is no product. Contains D-panthenol, milk proteins.
Rating: 2
4. Organic Shop - Organic coffee & sugar Body scrub - Body scrub Brazilian coffee (organic coffee oil, cane sugar).
Oh, it's just a find for me. Perhaps one of the favorite products that I use. I do not like coffee, in any form, even the smell. But it was this scrub that made me change my mind  
It smells of sweet-sweet coffee with a touch of hot chocolate. This is just magic. The consistency is very thick, dense, a mixture of sticky (like honey) sugar, ground coffee and oils. Sufficiently hard scrub, significantly exfoliates. The skin is soft, silky and well-groomed. And most importantly, not overdried, there is no feeling of tightness. Probably because it contains shea butter.
Rating: 5+ (Complete delight!)
5. Organic Shop - Organic strawberry & milk Body mousse - Body mousse Strawberry yogurt (organic strawberry extract, milk).
The most delicate, very light body cream is pale pink. It smells almost the same as strawberry yogurt from a grocery store (which has flavors and other spaghetti) and is also very similar in consistency. Using it is a pleasure. It is instantly absorbed and pleasantly moisturizes. Not fat, what you need for the summer. After application to the skin, the smell transforms from strawberry-strawberry to something incomprehensible, and then quickly disappears. This transformation upset me a little, but otherwise I am satisfied. It also contains olive oil, apricot, ylang-ylang.
Score: 4 (for change in smell when interacting with the skin).
6. Organic Shop - Organic sweet almond & sugar Foamy Body scrub - Foam body scrub Sweet almonds (organic almond oil, cane sugar).
A gentle, liquid peach-colored scrub with a strong smell of almonds and something very sweet. It smells like one to one like apricot jam with apricot kernels (and they smell almost like almonds) that my grandmother makes. Fabulously shorter  , as if you are smearing jam with nuts)) So you want to eat. As a scrub - small crystals of cane sugar, very gently exfoliate. And also, for some reason, this scrub exfoliated in the bank, something transparent at the bottom, and everything else on top, but this does not prevent it from being wonderful). This scrub is more delicate than Brazilian coffee. Foams slightly during application, but slightly. The skin after it is smooth and delicate, unobtrusively smells of almonds. Goodies.
Rating: 5
7. Organic Shop - Organic rose & pearl Body polish - Body scrub Pink pearls (organic rose oil, pearl extract).
In terms of consistency and appearance, it looks like liquid cotton candy or molten chewing gum. Something a little malleable and pink. It looks like an almond scrub, but not so thin. The smell did not like at all. Some kind of cheap standard perfume. As a scrub, ordinary salt (as part of Sodium Chloride). Feels like a regular scrub. The skin after it is good, but I could not get along with the smell and gave it to my mother, who is now delighted. It also contains shea butter and coconut betaine.
Rating: 4-
8. Organic Shop - Organic jasmine & jojoba Hair mask - Hair mask Indian jasmine (organic jasmine extract, jojoba oil).
Thick mask of milky color with a pleasant smell. Like if you mix the smells of jasmine and chewing gum. Jasmine does not smell sharply, a hint of ylang-ylang is felt. Apply to the hair for just a couple of minutes. The hair after it is lush, soft, shiny and obedient. Of course, no super-volume is observed. It is washed off easily. It is economically consumed (I have been using it for a month and a half, and the can is half full). Great mask, darling. By the way, a pleasant smell remains on the hair.
Rating: 5+
9. Organic Shop - Organic vanilla & shea Body butter - Body butter Cream brulee (organic vanilla extract, shea butter)
Another favorite of mine. The fingerprint on the surface and the way the oil holds its shape in a jar shows how thick it is. A magical vanilla butter, melting, nutritious, smelling of real vanilla in the pods (not vanilla and not a perfume with a hint of vanilla!). Just happiness to smear it before going to bed after a bath. I also use it after shugaring. The skin just shines from such leaving and smells amazingly seductive and comfortable. My husband did not immediately realize that I smell like vanilla ice cream, I thought that I was crazy about my sports diet).
Rating: 5+ (adore, adore, adore).
10. Organic Shop - Organic vanilla & orchid Body Mousse - Body mousse Bourbon vanilla (organic vanilla extract, yellow orchid).
Light cream with a floral smell (in the jar it smells not very natural, like soap). But on the skin, the smell is revealed by an orchid and vanilla pods, then only a slight floral smell remains. Otherwise, the same as strawberry mousse is instantly absorbed and moisturizes. Although it feels like on the skin, strawberry is more comfortable for me. Also contains organic white tea extract, olive oil, organic rosehip oil.
Rating: 5
If you are not tired, see the rest :)
Again, in order from left to right.
1. Organic Shop - Organic sandal & indian nut Volume Shampoo - Shampoo thick volume Treasures of Sri Lanka (Organic sandalwood oil and Indian nut).
A good foaming opaque shampoo of a gray-purple color. The smell is unimaginable, it remains on the hair after washing for a long time. Sandalwood and something exotic floral. Indian fairy tale. I would like to have a similar perfume (maybe a little more complicated). The hair after it is soft, voluminous and does not get confused (I have shoulder length). I'm happy with the shampoo. I don’t like only the cap (as with the balm with foam), it is very inconvenient to unwind for a long time. Or I’m just used to snap caps.
Rating: 5
2. Organic Shop - Organic olive & argan oil Repair conditioner - Hair balm Restoration of the Moroccan princess (Organic olive extract, argan oil).
Thick light green balm-conditioner. The hair is smooth, shiny, but not more than usual. I didn’t like the smell at all, again something cheaply vague. I'm not sure that I use it to the end, I really do not like sugary smells. Nothing special, in short. Although, someone will probably do it because its properties are not bad.
Rating: 3
3. Organic Shop - Organic Orchid & Salvia Antistress Buth Foam - Bath Foam Relaxation Purple Orchid (Organic Orchid Extract, Clary Sage).
Very nice thing. Amazingly good foaming (naturally  ) The smell is wonderful, floral green, cool-cozy. Like a warm summer night in the garden. with herbs and orchids. Very relaxing. And the volume is already 500 ml. Beauty.
Rating: 5+
4. Organic Shop - Organic mint & lemongrass Fresh shower gel - Shower gel refreshing Mint rain (organic mint extract, lemongrass oil, vitamin E).
Thick lime gel. Mint almost does not smell, the smell is difficult to identify. Fragrance. Fresh, green. The smell could have been more natural.
It moisturizes well, after a shower you can not use anything. The truth is washed away so-so. I didn’t notice mint cooling, but I really waited.
Rating: 5-
5. Organic Shop - Organic cocoa & passionfruit Passion shower gel - Shower gel Seductive Temptation of the night (organic cocoa butter, passion fruit extract).
Also a thick gel. It smells like chocolate chewing gum. Sparkling chemical chocolate. Chocolate soda. The combination of chocolate and passion fruit may smell like that, but I can hardly imagine it in reality (I think I'm not the only one  ) Here. Gentle, seductive. Very suitable for an evening shower.   And less moisturizing of all.
Rating: 5
6. Organic Shop - Organic aloe & minerals spa shower gel - Shower gel Moisturizing Thermal spring (organic aloe extract, blue lotus, marine minerals).
The smell of something sea + greens + something sweet (like honey). It seems to me a strange combination. Something like a mint gel, but more sweet. I do not really like such smells, but I liked the gel itself. The skin is soft and moisturized, you can not use anything after a shower. It is not washed off very easily.
Rating: 5-
Thanks to everyone who read and watched, I hope it was not boring and useful  
I am Yana, it’s possible for you.

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