Platinum 60 seconds # 37 or cheep & cheerful

If anyone remembers my post of Aurelia varnish - Blackberry Jam, and so, I found his clone, well, or at least my own brother 100%)) Who cares, I ask for a cat :)

I haven’t written here for a thousand years, but I am simply obliged to share this varnish! I discovered it thanks to the charming girl Gabriel, she wrote about this varnish here, after which I actually decided to buy it.
The full name of the varnish: Platinum 60 seconds No. 37
I did not even hope that such a price segment could be found to be something tolerable, but this varnish simply captivated me. Application comparable to Zoe and OPI creams! Just fabulous! It dries in 10 minutes completely, keeps on me for a week without any problems (I always use a top coating, but this does not save Orly, for example, from erasing at the tips) He has a comfortable, standard brush if anyone is interested in this) Composition big3free. The lacquer itself is purple duochrome with a bright blue shimmer. It looks very beautiful in the sun and in the shade. The weather is now some autumn, but even in such a light it does not fade and pleases the eye)

Price: from 30 (!) To 60 r
Rating: 5!
Anyone have any opinions on Platinum varnish? If anyone knows more interesting colors with them, share your experience!)