Joanna Collection - scrub and body cream "Ripe passion fruit"

Girls, good afternoon!
Today is a short post about two inexpensive summer, bright, “tasty” body products:
Joanna Collection Fruit Fantasy Body Scrub Body Peeling Coarse Ripe Passion Fruit and Joanna Collection Fruit Fantasy Body Cream Body Cream Ripe Passion Fruit.

I usually don’t like “edible” body scents, preferring flower and citrus varieties, as it is among the “fruit” products that there is a high probability of attacking a chemical, perverse smell that has nothing to do with the fruit original. They gave me a couple of heroes of the post, and I was pleasantly surprised by their delicate, unobtrusive, natural (despite the ridiculous compositions) aroma.
Joanna Collection Fruit Fantasy Body Scrub Body Peeling Coarse Ripe Passion Fruit
Peeling, which is also a scrub, is in a very convenient bottle with a dispenser, which eliminates the ingress of water into it during use, which often happens when manufacturers put the product in a jar.
The bottle is transparent, so bright violet is the color of the scrub itself.
The particles are really, as the manufacturer promised, quite large, but rare. To avoid unnecessary injuries, it is better to squeeze out more funds, then these large particles work together with the soap base, and it is comfortable to use the scrub.
The pleasant smell of aromatic (but not sugary) passion fruit without a chemical “flavor” is clearly heard during use, but after thorough washing off the product, it does not remain on the skin.
The tool is quite economical. With generous consumption, it was enough for 15 times.
Rating: 5.
Joanna Collection Fruit Fantasy Body Cream Body Cream Ripe Passion Fruit
If I do not have a lot of requirements for body scrub, then I always select the body cream quite meticulously. Especially considering that I use it in the morning, before dressing. So the cream should:
- it is pleasant (not strong) to smell
- absorb quickly, do not leave greasy films / marks
- well distributed on the skin
- moisturize / nourish the skin
- it is preferable to be in milk format, as most often it is milk that combines all of the above advantages, and its packaging is more convenient to use.
This cream satisfied all my requirements, even though it is not milk, but a full cream. In the jar, it seems similar in texture to airy yogurt or fruit curd, but in fact it is quite dense. A small amount is enough for the cream to moisturize the skin well (I used this cream in early spring, and it coped with seasonal dryness perfectly). At the same time, it is distributed very easily, and is also absorbed instantly - in a minute or two you can dress. I also liked the large diameter of the can - this allows you not to poke around in it, but to draw the right amount with an open palm. The smell persists on the skin for about half a day, but in order to hear it you need to almost snuggle your nose against the skin, which again speaks in favor of its unobtrusiveness. Cans were enough for about 3 weeks of daily use.
Rating: 5.
Conclusion: I liked these products with pleasant, non-chemical aromas and the fact that they do their job well. Compact packaging made of lightweight plastic and the low price (less than 200 rubles each) of these products makes them a good option for travel. The brand has many other products and aromas. I will definitely try it. The first in line is a series with a green apple.

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