Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes / Enhanced Starter Set, 5 Brushes + Case

Hello, beauties!
Now I will tell you about eye brushes Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes / Enhanced Starter Set, 5 Brushes + Case , and here everything is more complicated.

I also did not use brushes for the eyes before, and this little experience with cheap brushes was negative, so I waited for the brushes with special hope) Well, everything in order:
The case is inconvenient for daily use, it is difficult to stretch them every time with rubber. But it should be noted the excellent quality of its performance, thoughtful details, the case is good for travel.
I don’t have it already, I found a photo here
Brushes are made of ultra-soft synthetic material - taclon. Processed by hand. This information is from the description of the brushes. Handles are made of aluminum, durable and lightweight material.
All brushes wash well, dry quickly, wash in the afternoon, clean in the evening. I don’t know how it will be in winter. During the use, not a single hair fell out, the brushes have no tendency to fluff, and in general, the shape remained the same as it was when purchased.
Apart from shading and for the main color, the brushes are very elastic, sometimes it’s just unpleasant for me to press the eyelids, users of these brushes, tell me, do you also have? Either the matter is in the shadows from which I am trying to get saturated colors, or for centuries ...
1. Real Techniques Accent brush

A fairly elastic brush, has a good size, it picks up the shadows at the tip, though it crumbles them in a box. In general, a comfortable brush for accents. I have shadows Vivienne Szabo, Essens and one more from Poland, all of them are rather dumb, not of very good quality, poorly pigmented, so I didn’t get any clear makeup, although I tried and tried) It is unlikely that the hands are in my hands, rather)
But this brush is undeniably good.
2. Feather brush Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush
The brush is soft, round, the thickness of a finger, it blends with special tenderness and cynicism and mixes all the shadows and accents to you in one pile, because it doesn’t know how otherwise) I think Samantha and Co. developed this brush for blending the shadow solos, and in this case she’s beautiful, she’s great at putting out a base and without it, so I often have solo shadows))
3. Real Techniques Brow brush
An elastic, soft brush on the tip is designed to "draw" eyebrows. She copes with this with a bang, although it might not be so wide. Great brush.
4. Brush for applying the main color. Real Techniques Base shadow brush.
A good shovel brush, easy to apply the main color on the eyelid, it turns out quickly. If applied with a sponge, then the spangles look more obvious, the brush either smoothes them, or applies finer, but definitely looks more delicate. It is gaining a little, I walk through the eyelids several times, but this is considering that my shadows are poorly pigmented.
5. Real Techniques Pixel-point eyeliner brush

I draw arrows only with a pencil, and then I constantly doubt whether it suits me. Therefore, I also emphasize this brush, it turns out worse than with the first, but when that brush is already in the shadows of a different color, nothing remains. However, I am sure that it will not work out with a good arrow, because it is already very large for this matter, or rather thick, or all together. Arrows only for smokey to draw with it, for further shading.
Set grade: 4.
Set Price: $ 17.99
Test period: 2 months
Thanks for reading me. Hope to be of service to you.

Watch the video: Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set Review (December 2019).