Summer New Orly After Party

Hello! I, as an ardent fan of Orly, when I saw an overview of the new Feel The Vibe collection, couldn’t wait))) I ordered a shade that I liked and for more than 2 weeks I have been enjoying a “fresh” purchase. Now I began to combine several varnishes for the post, but all the newest and most interesting deserves a separate publication!

Varnish was released in the summer collection of Feel The Vibe.
This summer, Orly is promoting bright neon tones that, frankly, have not attracted me much. It is unclear how, After Party got into this collection. In my opinion, it does not fit at all. He is dark, he is with a shimmer - this is clearly not his collection ...

As for the varnish itself. I was a little upset by its quality. Due to the fact that the varnish consists of a prohibitive amount of sparkles and shimmer (plus a dark base), it is difficult to apply. In addition, it just dries instantly, and you need to contrive evenly apply it! If you miss this moment, and the varnish already begins to “set” (this happens just lightning fast!), Then you risk brushing just to remove the mass, which has already become like a sand mortar. Particles begin to reach for the brush - you get furrows and sagging, respectively. But if you still managed to distribute the varnish, then the manicure will turn out just excellent! Despite such difficulties in application, the varnish gives a dense coating from the first layer. The second is not something that is not needed, it is simply contraindicated! Imagine, thick, with grains the first + both-on the second, but it will turn out even thicker! In short, this is not worth it))
As for the shade - it is beautiful. Black base (maybe dark blue) + a huge amount of blue and purple sparkles. Looks very nice in the sun! In the shade it looks almost black, but it does not lose its charm.
Lacquer, due to spangles after drying, becomes a little rough. In the photo he is with Glosser coating.

With flash

With the nearest shades
In order: Royal Velvet, After Party, Fowl Play, Star of Bombay, Velvet Rope

Worn a little longer than the average Orly - about 4-5 days. It is erased without any problems, but leaves a little shine on the skin.
Conclusion - a very beautiful, but capricious varnish. And yet, I do not regret that I acquired it. Most likely, I will wear it in the fall and winter. This is definitely not a choice for the summer.
Grade 4
Costed 65 hryvnias
Thank you all for stopping by!

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