My Cosmetic Commandment Principles

Since then, when I was at the Beautician, a lot has changed in the cosmetic component of my life. The choice of funds has become more conscious, and care, make-up and perfume reserves have become more voluminous. There were various views and opinions, which today I would like to systematize and highlight the basic principles of the commandment.

So, let’s put aside the long introductions:
1. Do no harm!
The cornerstone of beauty is health. Therefore, when buying funds, you should pay attention to the expiration dates and appearance, even if the terms are all right, bypass shops with suspiciously low prices, too big discounts, as well as all kinds of markets and bazaars.
2. Respect yourself!
This principle follows from the previous one: fakes, replicas, licenses, copies, etc. - means of increased danger to health, you should not buy them even for the sake of interest (and at the same time do not encourage illegal manufacturers and counterfeiters).
3. Look at things soberly!
Each manufacturer pursues primarily a mercantile goal - maximum profits from the sale of their products. Memorable ads, original packaging, effective slogans - all this leaves potential consumers indifferent and longing for new products. In the competition, manufacturers are either extolling organic matter, sometimes fearing SLS and parabens, or inventing panacea for aging "as a result of 5-10-100 years of research." So you should not believe everything that they promise us and, as they say, "filter the advertising-revealing" bazaar.
4. Do not give in to the herd feeling!
I know that moisturizing lipsticks do not fit well on my lips, so I do not buy them, even if all the reviews on the Beautician on such lipsticks are positive.
I know that I rarely apply foundation, so I won’t buy an expensive product, even with enthusiastic responses, because it will not be used until the expiration date and the money will fly into the bin.
I know that organics are not gout for the care of my skin, all tried and tested products disappointed, so I won’t buy full-size products, even if someone declared Sanoflor or Melvita ideal.
Transfers can be continued ...
5. Set priorities!
In my little bit for 30 in the first place I put care, then go perfume and makeup.
6. Never say never!
About five years ago, I didn’t even suspect that with mass I would go to a pharmacy first (for example, in a pharmacy, looking at funds with the inscription Uriage or Lierac, I considered them to be intended for people with serious skin diseases, and after some time I actively tried pharmacy cosmetics - Vichy, Bioderma, LRP, Aven, Merck, Uryazh, NYUKS - my favorite), and then to almost-luxury (Clarins, Biotherm, Callistar) and luxury (EL, Lankom, Dior). The same happened with decorative cosmetics - mass funds end and are replaced with luxury ones. Least of all these changes concern eyeliner pencils - the mass is most often more shades, but mascaras, face and lip products - are overwhelmingly luxury.
7. The basis of attractiveness is cleanliness and accuracy!
Observing the rules of hygiene, removing unnecessary vegetation, doing manicures (most often I have short nails) and pedicures (nails that have grown to the ground and camel soles are laziness, not “such my heredity”!), Washing hair every two days While washing clothes and caring for shoes, picking up an image for a new day (clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, perfume, hairstyle), I feel more confident. When I feel more confident, others see it. And all these components create a single attractive picture. And do not nod on supposedly crooked legs or supposedly lack of a waist - this is not a reason to start yourself. Although yes, I have regrown hair roots (in an uncritical version).
8. Always rinse off makeup!
I always remove makeup. If this is a home-work-home option, then everything is simple: shelves with your favorite means are at my service. If I’m going out of town, to a place where it’s not so hot with plumbing and hot water, I do minimal makeup (eyebrows with pencil, mascara, face powder and lips with a balm with a shade) and wash it off with a universal makeup remover. For the body - napkins for intimate hygiene and antibacterial. A few minutes are enough, but it is not scary to wake up the next morning with black snow under the eyes and tonal stains on the face.
9. Skin needs a rest too!
At home, I do not crash. Only in the morning I cleanse the skin.
Sometimes I cancel the cream at night, cleansing and toning are enough.
10.And this place is empty for now ... because there is no limit to improvement.
Do you have your own cosmetic principles, commandments and points of view?
P.S. Beauties! If opposing points of view are expressed on one question, this does not mean that someone is wrong.
This means that the specific experience of this person gives him the right to consider this way, and not otherwise.
How wonderful that we are all different! It's so interesting!

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