It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm Reviews

Today I want to talk about one of the lip balms, which is clearly worthy of attention - It's skin MACARON Lip Balm. I already have it in my list of favorite balms (I have only 3 of them - my favorite, I mean, including pasta !!!).
Why am I talking about him? He is special to me. Why?
Who cares, I ask for a cut!

I think every beauty-maniac of Asian cosmetics has heard about the famous "pasta"!
A little about the product: Pasta is a fruit lip balm, non-greasy texture, perfectly moisturize, nourish and soften the skin of the lips. The composition includes: vitamins A, C, E, Shea butter, cocoa butter. There are 4 types of them: violet - grape, pink - strawberry, green - green apple and yellow - pineapple!
To be honest, pasta is a typical French delicacy, and how such a charm turned out to be in Korea - these are the creator’s fantasy ideas, obviously, but to be honest, I was captivated by their design!
The Korean company It's skin inspires respect from me, I read a lot of reviews of its products and it is difficult to find bad reviews, and the name itself has, in general, inspires trust.
I chose strawberries, because I’m somehow cautious about smells and I’m afraid of everything super chemical, so strawberries are still not so scary (especially after Missha foam), like an apple, for example!
It opens with one turn and the first thing that immediately captivates is ODOR!
MMMMMMM ... it's hard to describe! Incredibly delicious strawberry smell! No chyme, really tasty and real smell of sweet strawberries - incredible! It’s sweet, I would say even sales - it smells like strawberry caramel - that’s the exact description!
This is a huge plus and often I like to just open the box and smell it! So I'm sure the rest of the smells are just as wonderful! I don’t know how anyone, but the smell of strawberries on my lips lasts long enough, during the “wear” I definitely feel it, which I really like!
Texture - like wax! A solid balm, but when touched, the “wax” melts and can be spread over the lips without any problems!

Although it is pink in the box - it doesn’t give any color or glare at all - transparent!
His lips seem to be slightly moisturized - there is no super gloss on the lips, just slightly moisturized!
It really is not sticky, it was applied to the lips and it seems that the lips are like in a protective film (but no discomfort) and you can touch your lips - no stickiness, your hair will not get dirty, they will not stick to your lips - a huge plus!
Action: the lips are chapped - he will quickly heal the cracks, dry-dry lips are not a question, he will moisturize them instantly, and what is most pleasant, even after he disappears from the lips, the lips remain moist and well-groomed for a long time (!!!! !). By the way, about grooming, I don’t know in what ways, but he really gives the lips a well-groomed and sleek look.

A plus:
- smell
- moisturizes? Definitely, and right away!
- treats (cracks do not hurt and quickly heal)
- long care effect (smeared once and even if "eaten", I can be calm by the lips - they will be in perfect order)
- not sticky!
- - the effect of natural well-groomed lips (really well-groomed - no cracks, dry patches, etc.)
- awesome gloss design (in the form of pasta)
- you need to poke your fingers in a jar
- price (not small unlike other shines)
- you can’t buy in a nearby store
Bottom line: Carefully and dearly love this balm, for naturalness, for effectiveness, especially for the smell! Nothing more and everything with him!
Period of use: 2.5-3 weeks
Rating: 5
Price: depending on the store up to 400 rubles.