Kiotis Paris tonal fluid, Perle Naturelle shade - added a photo of texture

Kiotis Paris Tone Fluid Perle Naturelle

Good afternoon, today I want to tell you about the tonal fluid of the company KIOTIS Paris. Initially, I got acquainted with their shower gel - Life Force, and believe me, it's just a fairy tale, but about it another time ... And so, as a gift for the New Year, I received a set of cosmetics from my girlfriend, which included the hero of my story. It was packed in a pretty burgundy box on which a label was glued in Russian (because inside the instruction was only in French) - Persistent foundation, a shade of Natural pearls ... and something else

As you can see, the jar is modest, the shade is indicated on the bottom, that it is a fluid and a capacity of 30 ml. The dispenser is convenient, but the cap ... it’s better to say the cap ... transparent, it holds firmly, but it’s kind of funny.
This foundation is made on the basis of essential oils, like the rest of the cosmetics of this brand. Unfortunately I can’t indicate the composition because on the very first day the packaging went to the trash ... But believe me, that you will feel it based on oils as soon as you put it on your face - this is indicated by its softness, its shine, and its smell ... And now, individually:
- softness, tenderness, medium density - it is very easy and even to apply;
-shine- when applied, the face shines as if it were in oil, but it is literally a minute, it quickly shrinks and the face becomes dull;
-smell- specific, pleasant, but already in the second minute it seems that you are fed up with it, after a few minutes it will disappear ... or just get used to it))
Now let's move on to the photo:
Do not be afraid of a naked face, sometimes it happens to him, but you can see how tonal hides various flaws

Now the face is literally 3-5 minutes after applying KIOTIS:

As you can see, there is no trace of the oil shine, the tone of the face evened out, but the weaknesses were hidden - for this we need more tight means, it doesn’t clog pores (although maybe I didn’t notice this, because I use it rarely, I switched to powder) peeling does not emphasize. And most importantly - it is not visible on the face, it sits just fine! (Perhaps because of the quality of the photo, and not my shade it was not transmitted).
And last but not least, cost-effective, durability - it is enough for me for the whole working day.
I will add a photo of the texture on my hand, as promised:
squeezed 1 pea

the next photo shows how it starts to flow

I smear it now - an oily sheen is visible

seconds after 10-15 shine becomes less

and after another 20 seconds
As you can see, the fluid sits very quickly ... 10 minutes have passed, I’m editing this post and it’s absolutely not visible on the arm, except that the color difference in my hand)) and then it’s not big, I’ve adjusted ...
The testing period is 6 months. The price in the online store is 800 rubles.
My rating: 5- (good, but I did not fall in love with him).

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