Question to beauticians - "chemists"

Hello dear girls!
I have this question:
being in Thailand, and having read positive reviews on cosmetics "Boots", bought a scrub.
Having started to test, I found out that on the body there remains as if a “wax” film that does not want to be washed off! First I tried on a fingernail, under the nails there was some kind of consistency, which is very reminiscent of wax, something very thick and creamy.
After soaping up several times and realizing that it wasn’t so easy to wash it off, additional efforts were made in the form of a sponge and especially thorough rubbing. Twice.
I enclose a photo of the jar:
And here the fun part begins:
Request to beauticians, versed in the compositions, to decrypt this one and suggest whether it is worth using it at all (or just rub the heels sometimes?) :)
Thank you very much!

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