My mascaras: Bourjois, L'oreal, Guerlain, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique

Hello beauties!
I am the owner of naughty eyelashes, so all the time I am in search of good mascara. Today I will tell you about the carcasses that I now use. Some are more satisfied, some less, details - under the cut

Here are my eyelashes without mascara.

Swatch did in different lighting conditions, but I hope that this does not hurt to assess the quality of the carcasses
I'll start with a review of the carcasses of the mass market.
1. Bourjois Volume Glamor # 06 Noir Ebene
A classic brush made of pile (for some reason, these are more suitable for me than silicone ones), it’s quite convenient:

Mascara is like mascara. Nothing special. It shares well, really gives a decent amount. Stains cilia from the very roots, which is important for me, because I do not like when my bright eyelashes are visible at the base. In a tube it does not dry for a long time, on the contrary it dries very quickly before our eyes. In short, it suits just to make up eyelashes. No wow effect. It crumbles a little by the end of the day. Washes off without problems) Gently lifts all the cilia, including the outer corner. In general, quite worthy mascara, without enthusiasm.

Price: about 500 p.
Rating: 4 (for shedding)
2. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

It was interesting to try this famous mascara) Unfortunately, I can not say that this is a worthy product. A giant silicone brush that collects lumps of mascara in a row does not give any opportunity to brighten your eyes without having to stain the entire eyelid. Blinds and makes eyelashes thick as pipes. This is the effect of a "sloppy drama." When I want to make up my eyes brighter and fatter, I use it. It is always necessary to separate using a special brush. In addition, she is extremely unstable. It crumbles in just 3 hours from the ends, the effect of cropped eyelashes is obtained. There is absolutely no way to go with it all day. Smeared from rain, tears, imprinted on the eyelid.
Price: about 400 p.
Rating: 2
3. Guerlain Le2 de Guerlain Mascara # 10 Noir 2 Noir
Two brushes, both equally good. Large silicone, small - from pile:

A large brush beautifully lifts the cilia, gives a noticeable volume, a small one is suitable for corners and eyelashes on the lower eyelid. Both brushes are very comfortable and the eyelid does not get dirty at all. Large, you can dye your eyelashes in just 3 movements. Mascara sticks a little, but not critical. And this is perhaps the only mascara that I do not showered AT ALL. Even after 12 hours. I can hardly imagine a situation in which it spreads. If it is raining, snowing, etc. - always choose her. You can cry, you can even dive into a snowdrift - everything will be perfect. Accordingly, it is washed off with difficulty (two-phase is needed). But she’s cool anyway

Price: about 1500 p.
Rating: 5- (for bonding)
4. Lancome Virtuose Divine Lasting Curves Mascara
Very comfortable curved brush:

This is my last purchase and at the moment my favorite! It is beautiful in everything: it divides well, does not crumble, gives volume, stains every cilium. In my opinion, it certainly wins compared to the famous Hypnosis. For me, "Hypnosis" is "just mascara." A "Virtuoso" - "wow what eyelashes do I have."
Price: 1700 p.
Rating: 5+
5. YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara # 2 (brown)
Classic brush:

Bought a second time, the first was black. Brown color for blondes, it seems to me, is more suitable. For me it's mascara for every day. It turns out beautiful eyelashes with good volume, such a neat drama. It crumbles a little after 8-9 hours. Her texture is rather dry, and the mascara needs dancing with a tambourine. I wash the brush once a week, and when the mascara begins to dry, I warm it up for 20 minutes in a water bath and it is like new)
And by the way, she just smells super
Price: OK. 1600 p.
Rating: 5- (for dancing and tambourines)
6. Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara # 1 Black
Cone-shaped brush:

Lengthens, adds volume, but slightly sticks together. Eyelashes look strange with her, I don’t like it. It crumbles a little by the end of the day. It is also very liquid and dries on eyelashes for a long time, can be imprinted on the eyelid, if not followed. Well, I don’t really like a brush like that, I don’t understand how to work with it. I like either classic straight lines, or curved no spirals, hedgehogs and other things
Price: OK. 1000 p. without discount
Rating: 4-
And a group photo of all the brushes:
I hope my post will help you make the right choice and find your mascara!
Thanks for attention :)