M.a.g 082

Greetings) ... today there were already showing blue paws ... so I decided)
Full name of varnish: M.A.G 082
Detailed opinion: I didn’t understand whether I like the color or not ... because for me it’s not familiar ... How about you? it looks like mother of pearl ... but it isn’t ... it also has a shimmer ... The varnish itself is liquid, it sometimes spreads to the cuticle, it streaks on 1 layer ... everything is fine in 2. does not dry for long, but I used the dryer as always. At the end of 2 days and at 3 there were already frayed edges ... on the 4th day, he began to peel off, so to speak, so to speak, in general, he did not live long on nails ... it washes well. A shimmer is visible in the sun, as in a flash ... but in a room or in the shade it is not visible ... see photo)
the outside


Price: gift), but I think 20 hryvnia ... maybe less ...
Rating: 3 ... well, or 4-
Thanks for stopping by)
Ksenia ...

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