2 pets (Chanel Le Vernis # 483 Vendetta & Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure # 650 Navy Baby)

Good afternoon, beauties!
I will show today two varnishes that I bought at the same time and if there was a choice for one, it would be very painful for me. On Chanel’s Vendetta the eye was laid a long time ago, but Sally bought in the appendage, which is very glad.

I will show you this couple together, otherwise the difference in the nails can simply not be noticed. Of course, you can see her in life, but the camera cannot always catch her. And on adjacent nails, I think it will be convenient to consider the shades.
I see Vendetta like this: on dark violet there are millions of sparkling blue and violet sparks; and Sally's blue sparkles sparkle against a blue background. Both varnishes are magical. Shining, beautiful and deep! For a long time I did not feel such satisfaction from varnishes. When they are on me, then at the opportunity I give myself to admiring nails.
Chanel: classic thin brush; the varnish lays surprisingly evenly (for me, buying Chanel varnish is like a lottery), even in one layer the varnish can be wearable, but the second layer gives it the proper depth and gloss; dries quickly, the first layer I wait 5 minutes to dry completely, the second for fidelity I wait 15 minutes and go into battle; it is worn quietly for 3-4 days, at the end of this period small smudges of the tips appear, no chips at all; deleted without problems.
Sally Hansen: the brush is rounded, it seemed to me even wider than that of Rimmel, I thought “shovel”, but when I started painting, I immediately got used to what I needed for my “shovels”; 2 layers give a good even coating (before this varnish, for more than 4 years I did not approach varnishes of this brand, the impressions were the most terrible of all series); dries, worn, and washed just like Chanel.
Both varnishes "play" very beautifully in the sun:
Sally's brush (cut off in a smooth semicircle and seems softer to me than the Rimmel varnishes):
Natural light (CX on the ring and thumb):

Next is the flash (the sun shines the same as with the flash):
Then Sally, if someone does not see on the little finger and the nameless:

On the street:
Price: Chanel 1270 rub. / Sally 260 rub.
Rating: both 5+ (I haven’t set any pluses for anyone yet, but they really deserve it).
I hope I was able to somehow convey to you the beauty of these varnishes and the post was written not in vain. Katya.