Dear Beauticians, I need your advice! I am 24 years old (more precisely, a couple of weeks left before them), but there are already real problems in the area around the eyes. With your permission, I’ll tell you the background, how it happened. Unfortunately, I did not think in due time, and no one explained to me that it is necessary to protect delicate and thin skin in this area. In this regard, while relaxing in hot countries, and just in the summer, I did not put any protective equipment on this area, and I did not wear sunglasses constantly, correspondingly squinting. I used eye cream for periods, it was usual from a garnier, then I didn’t particularly bother with taking care of myself. What we have today: the skin is so thin in this area that even the wreaths are visible under the eyes, it’s not so pronounced under one eye, but under the other it’s a disaster. Well, I think I couldn’t get away from it, the skin basically thin. But there are several folds and a fine wrinkled net acquired through sad experience. I no longer hope to get rid of wrinkles, but something can help me from the net ... Plus, everything else is spent almost the whole day, from morning to evening, I spend at the computer (work and leisure). Therefore, I was very interested in Blefarogel 1. Composition: Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera juice, glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer, methyl paraben, deionized water. It is recommended just when working at a computer. About him not much was mentioned on the site, so there are a number of questions.
1) Is it worth it to try it if they write that it can cause even greater dryness? What I’m most afraid of is, with my deplorable state of the skin around my eyes.
2) What can it be because of what you think?
3) Can this be somehow avoided? For example, under or on it applying a regular eye cream?
4) I plan to buy Bioderma Sensebio. Strong anti-aging products so far probably should not be used?
5) For the prevention of blepharogel use 1 time per day, right?
6) When is it better to do it, in the morning or before bedtime? If in the morning, again, after it, apply the cream, if I plan to use a concealer?
Thanks to everyone who mastered this. I hope I did not bore you with questions.
I’m Katya, to me on "you".

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