Replenishment in my collection of purple varnishes

Inspired by the numerous posts of beauticians about beautiful purple-shimmer varnishes, I began to look for their analogue from manufacturers available to me. And I found it - it's Golden Rose 144
Photos for comparison under the cut.

These 2 posts inspired me to search (thanks, girls, great photos!) - here is opi, and here is claire
In my opinion, both are very similar both to each other and to my golden rose. At least I'm completely satisfied)))
We watch swatches in different lighting conditions, and then we read about the properties of varnish:

Review: the main thing in it, of course, is the color! Not deep purple with a small shimmer, in which the gold particles stand out most, but slightly pink and green peep. In the sun, the varnish sparkles, with insufficient lighting it gets dark, going black and loses the shimmer, which I also like ...
Lacquer of medium density, cream jelly, I would say. To get the color, as in the photo, you need 3 layers, although everything is decent in 2, but I almost lacked saturation. I have no base and top. A good gloss is visible (on the photo manicure 2 and 3 days), on the 4th day the tips began to wear out a little, but until 5 days I lived without chips, then took off.
Rating: 5
Price: approx. 50 rub.

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