Tropical sunset

Dear beauticians!

Today I will show you a real summer look inspired by the endless blue sea, golden sands and stunning orange-red tropical sunsets.
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The palette from the Estee Lauder spring limited edition collection, created by creative make-up director of the brand, Tom Peso, and inspired by the Arizona deserts, was the main one for creating the image. This color scheme, when used correctly, is quite versatile and is great for the summer-autumn period.
In eye makeup, I tried to mix all the shades of the palette:
1. On the inner corner of the eye caused a central pastel yellow tint.
2. She highlighted the middle of the upper and lower eyelids with a peach tint, carefully blending the borders between tones.
3. The inner corner of the eye and 1/3 of the lower eyelid emphasized a red-brown tint.
4. The fold of the upper eyelid highlighted with a neutral taupe shade.
5. The area under the eyebrow caused a shining beige shade.
6. For greater contrast, I used a turquoise pencil on the upper eyelid from Milani in a shade of Aqua.

On the cheekbones applied natural blush apricot hue with a bronze shimmer from Pupa. Lips covered with neutral peach-beige lipstick from NYX in a shade of Summer Love. As a result, I got a very summer, fresh and delicate look.

I'm Asya. With me, still on the "you" :)

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