Effective cleansing + perfect hydration from Uriage

Today I want to tell you about my favorite face care products from the famous French brand Uriage. I will say without a twinge of conscience - these are my must have! I love this makeup with tender love for many years and despite my “trips to the left” from time to time, I still return to it!

1. Gommage Integral Uriage - Gommage Integral (Exfoliant gel for sensitive skin)
Detailed opinion: Not so long ago I wrote a post about the fact that I created a cream from Weleda with my skin. As a result, this wonderful product in all respects helped me cope with the clogged pores (well, the sponge from The Body Shop, but now not about it). Now in order! Due to the fact that I am the owner of combination skin, and even sensitive, I can’t use ordinary rough face scrubs, otherwise I will be in trouble later ... This gommage suits me perfectly. He carefully, but at the same time very effectively cleanses the skin from dead cells, perfectly copes with clogged pores and black dots (although I have a few of the latter, except on my nose). It has a gel-like texture (visible on the photo) and has a very pleasant unobtrusive aroma. The manufacturer recommends using it 2 times a week, which I actually do, although I scrubbed my skin several times 3 times a week.
Naturally, I tried a lot of other scrubs (we must compare), but invariably return to it. After applying Uryazh gommage, the skin becomes restlessly smooth, very soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch (you always want to iron it all the time). I feel and, MOST IMPORTANT, I see the result! By the way, I see not only me. My husband also noticed visible improvements on the skin.
Volume: 200 ml (in my photo there is a 50 ml gommage that came as a gift for the promotional kit).
Term of use: 1.5 months.
Price: about 240 UAH (approximately $ 30).
Rating: 5 out of 5.
2. Creme Confort AquaPRECIS Uriage - Cream Comfort AquaPresi for dry skin

Detailed opinion: Before buying this particular cream, I had the opportunity to test it in tiny 2 ml samplers. I begged the consultant to give me both comfort cream (for dry skin) and a refreshing gel cream (for normal and combination skin). She, of course, was surprised, nevertheless gave As a result (by the way, I myself am surprised) my choice fell on cream for dry skin. Maybe it will seem strange to you, because I wrote above that I have combi skin. However…
I have not tried the moisturizing AquaPRESI series before, but I know that it was released to replace my once beloved Hydracrystal series. Naturally, the manufacturer claims that this series is improved, and I confirm this (I used moisturizing cream from the Hydracrystal series for 2 years, so I can objectively compare it).
I fell in love with cream comfort from the first application! So, on points:
- To apply it on my face, I need a small pea (its texture is quite dense - I think it’s visible in the photo, so it needs a little bit).
- It is completely absorbed somewhere in about 10 minutes (by the way, gel cream for combi skin is absorbed in ... 1 minute).
- Moisturizes the skin, as they say, with a bang! I even feel how she comes to life after applying this cream.
- The cream has a prolonged effect (during the day I do not feel either dryness or tightness; when I apply it in the evening, I wake up with the skin in a really moistened state).
- Pores do not clog!
Result: the skin becomes 100% hydrated, mindlessly tender, and it feels like velvet.
Volume: 40 ml
Term of use: 1 month.
Price: about 230 UAH (approximately $ 28).
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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