Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer Reviews

Estee Lauder PC Nail # C5
Detailed opinion:
This is an EL varnish from the summer collection. The collection hooked me with nothing but varnish; I’ll tell you about it.
Lacquer shade "molten lava."

The varnish is very beautiful in its shade in the bottle! Of course, due to the thick glass of the bottle, the shade of the varnish on the nails will be noticeably different from the color in the bottle.
In the bottle, these are overflows of dark purple with a red-golden shimmer.
I could not catch this shimmer on nails in everyday wear.
On the nails, the varnish looks noticeably darker, however, the color is very deep, and in my opinion beautiful!
Varnish to lay down a dense beautiful gloss and the need for a top disappears.

With a certain angle and lighting, the varnish goes almost black, but it does not upset me.

I like varnish as a summer option, but also at other times of the year, I think it will be appropriate.
The varnish is easy to apply and has a fairly comfortable brush, which is easy to distribute the varnish on the nail plate.

Two layers dry very quickly, and the durability of the varnish impressed me - 4 days without chips and frayed tips!
Rating: 5!
Price: about 1000 rubles. without discount
Regards, Katya.

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