My wonderful "Lovely BB Cream" by Skin 79

Hello girls!
BB mania did not pass me by. A few months ago, I ordered a bunch of bb creams from Korea, after some time, a leader appeared among all the funds, I’ll tell you about it now. This is: BB "Lovely BB Cream" by Skin 79.

Detailed opinion:
This bb cream is intended for problem and teenage skin, prone to irritation and inflammation. (Although I’m no longer a teenager, my skin does not make me happy to this day). The hue of this cream is only one, but it fit me perfectly, I think that for swarthy girls, or vice versa, it will not work for snow-white women. The cream has a fairly dense consistency, it does not flow, it is easily smeared with hands. BB gives a medium coverage, goes into a pinkish-yellow subton. Cream gives a pronounced wet finish, it seems to me that the manufacturer has overdone it, on my combination skin it does not look like a delicate healthy glow, but a pancake effect. Although I don’t like dry haze, it’s also not acceptable for me to have a strong radiance, I have to apply powder on top of it to remove the shine.
The coating is not too dense, then the photo shows that in one layer he could not completely mask acne and redness, in some areas it has to be applied in two layers. At the same time, I can not call this cream invisible, it is quite noticeably on the skin. On closer inspection, even to me, with my not-so-perfect vision, it is visible. But still, he does not lie on his face with a disgusting mask, over time he, like all his bb cream brothers, adapts to the skin and becomes less noticeable.
A big plus is that it does not dry the skin, does not emphasize the suddenly appeared peels. The skin with him is quite comfortable, there is no desire to quickly wash it off. This bb does not provoke the appearance of rashes, but I personally do not treat them.
The manufacturer promises a matting effect, but it is not. The face shines with a "delicate shine" initially, and after dusting it begins to shine after a couple of hours.
We look:
A drop of cream on the hand:
Smeared ...:
You can see how the hand began to shine:

Naked face. I present to you “in all its glory” I apologize in advance for this horror, my face turned red after washing, eyebrows went down as they thought

BB cream in one layer. Already better, but redness and pimples are visible anyway. And shine is also visible.

BB cream in two layers, now you can not be afraid to go out to people, there are practically no visible problems on the face, several large ones remain noticeable, the face shines even more.

Here powder is applied on top + another other cosmetics, my final version.
(Bluish photo without flash) I'm sorry, just now I noticed that there was a bust with blush
In general, not the worst BB, of course it is not perfect, but for its value it is not bad! The only negative is the gloss, but for me this is not a problem, because I put on top of the powder.
Rating: 4
Duration of use: 3 months.
Price: no more than 10 $
Thanks for attention!
Until next time, I’m Nastya

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