Rimmel Strawberry Fizz

Full name of varnish:
Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish 025 Strawberry Fizz

Detailed opinion:
How I love to walk along the Rive Gauche and see varnishes from Rimmel. Today I have exactly 5 of them - delicate pink. transparent pink, raspberry, blue and this strawberry chewing gum that smells so delicious ... Actually, I wanted to buy a new soft pink, instead of ending, but when I saw this bright pink at number 25, I could not pass by :) It looks different from to my fellows by what is written on it: I <3 fryities :) And yes - he also smells very delicious strawberries :) The first time I painted my nails in the darkness in the evening and did not immediately realize what it smells so good. “It’s obviously not from the nails - the varnish cannot smell so delicious” :) And it turned out that it was it :) It keeps the smell for about two days, the tips, unfortunately, also begin to wear off by this time (I put the varnish in 2 layers without tops, bases and other things). The tips are erased, but sometimes there are chips. Dries fast.
But what’s surprising - on the official website of Rimmel this shade of varnish does not look like it was live

About 90 rubles
4- (for washable tips and uneven coverage)

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