Dior Palette Summer in Dior

The palette was purchased at duty free Sheremetyevo.

She has a very large and comfortable mirror.

In general, it is all so comfortable, and hold and wear.

Tassels. I can’t say about their convenience, I don’t know, I use my

Unfortunately, for me it turned out to be very brilliant!

More precisely, shadows, if I can still wear powder, then shadows, I feel like a Christmas tree. They shine, sparkle, shimmer!

But the gloss on my lips is almost invisible, gleaming transparently ... and do not differ on my lips one from the other :-(

Glitters, left pink, right orange:

On the lips they are not distinguishable.

Powder and shadow:

Relatively little sparkle powder

But the shadows ...

Especially pink ... spangles crumble and all my cheekbones shine ((

But these are nothing ...

Pretty saturated, you can’t even see a big difference with or without a base (base on top)

In the post took part base:

The product is good, but not mine. (about the palette)
Price: 45 euro
Product Testing Term: less than a month
Rating: 4 (for a certain flow of shadows)

Watch the video: NEW DIOR 'WILD EARTH' COLLECTION SUMMER 2019 (November 2019).