As I went to the store for Chanel, and returned with Pupa Lip Perfection Ultra Reflex 01

Good day to all!
I'll start with a short introduction. For a long time I want to buy myself the sparkling shine of Chanel Levres Scintillantes No. 98 Galactic or No. 139.
Why? Because it's CHANEL, because everyone has and I also want, because everyone likes it and I should too. But when I come to the store, I try many times, I look closely, I understand that I don’t have enough in it ... glitter, glamor, sparkling surface! Where is she, because everyone promises her ?! It’s kind of hard to apply to the lips, it shines very mediocre, in the sock I constantly feel it on my lips, I don’t like sponges in gloss, just brushes. And in the end, I move to another stand and find there something that suits me completely.
I want to say right away that I love luxury cosmetics, and when the consultant brought me to the Pupa cosmetics stand, I tensed up. But then I saw this sparkle and fell in love.


This liquid lipstick gives a sparkling color thanks to a bright shine and perfect application. Contains gelatin oils to give an extraordinary creaminess, gloss polymers for maximum shine and lotus flower extract for a soothing and softening effect. (info from the official website of the brand)
I have a shade of 01.

I found exactly what I was looking for - it sparkles, shimmers, does not spread, does not dry my lips, does not slip and does not clog anywhere, the brush is very convenient for me, there is practically no smell, a slight hint of sweets, the texture is oily, it is applied easily, it glides on the lips.
Now the photo in different lighting.

In the sun:

These are clippings from a photo on a holiday:

This is also from the holiday, the photo is not entirely successful, but in general it is seen how it looks:

This is indoors in clear weather, it looks like a normal nude:

My rating: 5 out of 5.
Test period: month
Price: about 350 rubles for "gold" in the RIVES GOSH.
In conclusion, I want to say - all the same, I probably need to buy a Chanel shine to be there, and calm down.

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