Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish Reviews

Rimmel 60 seconds # 810 Blue My Mind
The varnish was bought quite spontaneously - my lipstick and my sister looked at Rimmel's booth, and then my eyes fell on this varnish of wonderfully magnificent color, deep blue-violet.

With all my love for the blue, I just could not buy it. Arriving home, I began to try it faster. The brush pleased - it is wide and flat, when applying varnish it covers the entire nail, it is very convenient with quick manicure. The texture was harder, thick jelly, I was not used to it (I like glitters and shimmers), 2 layers are the best option (do not strip, the second layer does not blur the previous one)

It dries quickly enough, but not in a minute, as the manufacturer promises. Here I sit, look at the nails and enjoy the wonderful color, but the joy was not long, after 10 minutes bubbles began to appear, and in such a quantity that the varnish had to be erased. With repeated application, the story repeated.

no bubbles are visible in the photo, as the varnish is freshly painted.

Artificial lighting - here you can see hateful bubbles appearing on the cuticle.

Now I don’t know when I’ll paint my nails with this varnish, probably it’s just to admire the color in the bottle.
Price: I don’t remember exactly, but in the region of 100 Russian.
Rating: 5 per color,
2 for the bubbles.

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