NYX Ultra Rearl Mania (Baby Pink) And NYX Eyeshadow (Red Bean Pie)

I'll start with NYX Ultra Rearl Mania (Baby Pink LP 11).
Oh, how I like them! Despite the fact that they are friable, they do not crumble when applied (I apply them with a brush). I always use the base, so I will describe the durability with this in mind. And their durability is amazing. I walk and shine all day! The "pearl" is so brilliant. In general, the sparkles do not crumble, the flicker persists for the whole day.

Shadows NYX ES 125 Red Bean Pie good too, oh how good! I like that their texture is very delicate. The color is saturated. I also use it with the base. Very persistent, and the color remains saturated throughout the day. A big plus of these shadows is that they do not crumble when applied, which is very important, because saturated color (no need to shake anything, therefore there will be no “stains” under the eyes)
Here are the pictures. Under the eyebrows of the “pearl”, but they look darker in the photographs, video shines from a more saturated shade. And I also really like that despite the fact that the shade is saturated, it still doesn’t look “vulgar” or “what did she do the war paint”, maybe this is just because they just fit me perfectly. And yet, it seems to me that the shadows look "expensive", but I do not pretend to the truth.
Definitely these two products are now my favorites!

Baby pink

All together again.

Rating (for two products) - 5+
I don’t remember the price for sure, but for both products approx. 400 rubles
Testing for about 2 weeks.

Watch the video: NYX LOOSE PEARL EYESHADOW Swatches + Review (November 2019).