Black & Silver. Double feature

Hello girls! I want to present you a couple of options for a fairly simple manicure, which does not take more than 20 minutes. I myself do not like “stucco molding” on nails and incredible painting, I consider it only appropriate for special cases and adhere to the rule “beauty in simplicity”. For this manicure, I chose relatively neutral colors that will easily be combined with many images. Of course, you can’t come to the office with such a manicure if you have a strict dress code and the rules that accompany it, but for everyday life this option will be more than appropriate.
So… To execute it, we need:
- Varnish base (I chose Smart Enamel)
- Silver holofik, or better, glitter (I have Lady Art Special Effects # B04)
- Black glossy varnish (I have Golden Rose Fantastic Color # 152)
- Scotch

The first version of manicure

Step 1. We put the nails in order, removing everything unnecessary, cover them with varnish-base

Step 2 We cover the ring finger with a silver holographic or glitter

Step 3 Scrub the rest of the nails with black polish

Step 4 Cut thin strips of scotch tape and glue them on the nail as follows. It turns out like rays

Step 5 We cover the nameless nail with black varnish. After the black varnish dries, we remove the adhesive tape and get ... Unfortunately, I could not catch the sun to show how beautiful the "rays" on the nail will shimmer, but I think it will not be difficult for you to dream up  

The second version of manicure

He repeats exactly the first three steps, only in the fourth we cut the tape into squares and paste it on the nail as follows ...

We cover the nail with black varnish

After drying the varnish, remove the tape and get ... I tried to take a photo with a flash to approximately show how bright such nails look in the sun  

There can be a lot of color variations in this manicure - from pastel, delicate shades to bright and contrasting. Experiment! :)
I hope you were interested :)

Watch the video: Dierks Bentley - Black Official Music Video (November 2019).