1 Couleur Eye Gloss No. 750 Sunset Dior Croisette Summer 2012

The photo:
Detailed opinion: Shadows have a jelly consistency. At first, when applied to the eyelid, there is a slight moist effect, but gradually, due to the melting texture, the shadows are absorbed and remain a light haze of color on the eyelid. The initial sufficiently saturated color (pigment) after absorption gives the effect of ordinary dry shadows. The color of the eyeshadow on the eyelid almost matches the color in the jar. There is a lot of shimmer in the shadows. On the century, he looks very delicate. Shadows do not crumble under the eyes. I want to note there is also minuses: when absorbed, the shadows slightly clog into the folds of the eyelids, even with the base. That is, the shadows must be allowed to dry well. When shading, they become translucent and in fact a light veil of colored mother of pearl remains. You need to get used to them and choose your method of application. You can simply make up the eyelid with an applicator from the shadows and immediately shade. In fact, the shadows on the eyelid look like pink with a shimmer. I did not notice much resistance and cooling effect. On the eyelid are not felt.
Shadows have a fairly convenient applicator.

Here the shimmer is clearly visible:I also want to compare No. 750 Sunset Dior with CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre: # 82 Émerveillé. (Illusion D'Ombres Collection. Fall 2011.) In some ways, these shadows are similar. And with the latter I had problems in applying. Sparkles are more noticeable in Dior, with shading they actually remain. And Chanel stews all the color. In addition, Chanel goes to the golden side, and Dior to the pink, the so-called coral. Left - Chanel, right - Dior:
Shaded option. It is seen that when shading, Dior remains noticeable sparkles.

Total:Shadows are difficult to apply. The color is very delicate, with a shimmer. In the sun, a gorgeous and incomparable color. Ideal for summer.
Price: 1200 without discounts in IDB.
Test period: two weeks.
My name is Lena, to me - on you.

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