A-England Nail Polish Reviews

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Many are already familiar with A-England varnishes, either by reviews or live. Here I am, after reading posts and rave reviews, looking stunning photos, could not resist. Since I recently had a birthday, I asked my friend, an Englishman, to give me these varnishes as a gift. I asked in advance, 6 weeks before my birthday, I knew the features of our mail system, and still they were late for a whole week thanks to the May holidays. And now, 7 weeks later, I have them! Since I went to the post office on the way to another place, and I had fresh manicure on my hands, I couldn’t try them right there, but I could also resist curiosity! So my youngest daughter was terribly lucky - she became the first happy owner of one of the nail polishes (no, no, the daughter’s photo will not be).

In total, 4 colors came to me - Princess Tears (that's what I pleased my daughter with), Saint George, Morgan Le Fay and Ascalon (from left to right in the photo)
But for myself, the first I chose a different shade - Morgan Le Fay. Detailed opinion: At the office. On the site it seemed to me white with a shimmer, but in reality it turned out to be completely different.
The varnish is thick, but it lays well, the brush is not thick (although not as thin as Chanel), round, the thickness is the same as Orly's, but a couple of mm shorter. The first layer is transparent, it only gave a light shine, the second layer made the varnish denser, but the transparency did not go away. I didn’t appreciate the durability, because it lasted only 2 days (I really wanted to try other shades, I think you will not blame me)). But the varnish stood calmly for 2 days, although I did not avoid homework without gloves. It is erased like an ordinary shimmer varnish, not without difficulties, but there are no special problems either.
As for the color ... my first thought was “And that’s it ???” when I saw how transparent the varnish lays down. I expected a saturated white varnish with grains of white, purple, pink sparkles, but I received only these sparkles! And only by changing the lighting, I realized the charm of this varnish But about her later. First we look at the photo
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics): Varnish everywhere in 2 layers.
When the light does not fall on the varnish, it seems transparent-nude, more precisely, nothing. As if he was gone. But here we change the angle of the nails and voila we get a great shimmer shine. Photo by the window:
and with flash
See the sparkles?
But in the sun (sorry for the cuticle, my hands were frozen and dry) And when I put my hands in the sun, I disappeared. All these faceless, opaque sparkles began to play directly in the sun (unfortunately, my camera did not catch them, not enough macro). The varnish sparkled and shone like fresh snow in the sun and under the lamps. Remember the winter? You are walking along the road home, there are small snowdrifts around, the sun is shining and billions of sparks shine, shimmer, wink at you. What about a frosty evening? Electric light of lanterns, freshly fallen snow - blue, pink, blue sparkles shine. Varnish like white gold, with a gleam of snow on the nails, I just drowned in it. Nondescript from afar - deep and sparkling at close range.
And on the one hand, the color is too transparent to wear, on the other hand, this radiance attracts and attracts ... I decided to use it as a top (although I can assume that this is its true purpose). I have long been lying around pink Sally Hansen No. 83 (quite famous on the Beautician). I bought it, relying on positive reviews, but lost it, I still couldn’t put it on normally - it cuts, and that’s it. And then I remembered about him and decided to use it as a substrate under Morgan le Fey on the little finger.
One layer of CX + one layer of Morgan = likeness of Chanel Frisson (don't you find?)

Morgan perfectly concealed the CX bands and brightened it. I do not think that it is suitable for dark varnishes, but for light varnishes the very thing! Surely many have an unsuccessful pastel lacquer that mercilessly stripes, which you don’t even wear, and it's a pity to throw out. With Morgan, you can give them a second life. Personally, I will do so, enjoying the sparks of snow on my hands. I forgot to add - it’s not at all rough!
Price: 9 British pounds (free for me - a gift)
Test period: 2 days
Rating: 5 - (minus for deceived expectations and transparency)
And in the next post I will tell you about how princesses cry - Princess Tears (princess tears)

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