Green eyes, spring makeup

Good day! I want to show a fairly simple and wearable eye makeup in green and gold colors. I will be glad your opinion and adequate criticism I'm not a makeup artist

The makeup used:
1. Base under the shadow of NYX No. 01
2. Mascara L "oreal Telescopic CARBON BLACK
3. Eyeliner ART-VISAGE green with mother of pearl
4. Highlighter NYX No. 01
5.Shadows of Vivienne Szabo No. 67
6. Shadows of STILL No. 126
7.Shadows NYX 10 color HAUTE MODEL
8. Eye pencil ART-VISAGE No. 111
9. Shadows of JA-DE No. 33
The general scheme:

1 step:
Adjust the eyebrows, apply the base under the shadows.

2 step:
We put in the inner corner and for 1/3 century yellow shadows from the palette of Vivienne Szabo and on them the shadows of JA-DE

3 step:
Apply a light green tone from Vivienne Szabo to the middle part of the century, and dark emerald STILL to the outer corner

4 step:
We extinguish everything for shading the dark emerald STILL using shadows from the NYX palette there are very few of them

5 step:
Draw the lower eyelid with an Art-visage pencil, and STILL over the shadows, and an ART-VISAGE pencil along the upper eyelashes

6 step:
We make the arrow with the ART-VISAGE liquid eyeliner and color the eyelashes I have already made up. We also apply the NYX highlighter under the eyebrow and in the corner of the eye.

Here's what happened:

Well, that’s all. But how do you like such a make-up?
Thank you, Alenka!

Watch the video: Spring Makeup for Green Eyes feat. Harry Makes It Up (November 2019).