Bourjois Effet 4D No. 2. My new favorite

Hello! I want to tell the story of a man who did not like sparkles in any form, but here ...
Ta Dam! Meet the hero of our post! All the raptures in the same place as usual

I apologize for such a rather shabby life in my bag)
I never loved sparkles and basically did not buy them. Neither fish nor meat, better without anything on the lips.
This handsome man was given to me as a gift and I decided, whatever happens, because the color directly sunk into my soul and I could not help but try it. The result pleasantly surprised me! Moderately sticky, resistant enough to shine. A full meal, of course, will not stand, but tea with cookies is calm.
Colour! I can sing odes to him :) He is so beautiful, bright. Also a great gloss. But that is not all! On the lid of the tube there is a magic jar with a shimmer! I honestly didn’t really like it, because it is too large and felt on the lips. But it can be adapted for other things
The only big minus of shine is godlessly flowing into the folds of lips, as can be seen in the photo with a flash :(
In general, enough words, more swatch!
So, a magic box with a shimmer.

Shimmer on the hand:

My lips without everything:

Glitter (flash):


Add a shimmer!

And the general)

Vobschem my verdict - 5- (for a little baldness and flowing)
Cost: gift, I think in the region of 500 p.
Thank you all, I hope it was useful)
Test period: month
I'm Alena, you :)

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