Pink velvet with blush Rose de Velours by Vivienne Sabo # 22

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about my buddhist blush :)

Blush in my makeup bag is not a frequent guest, because I used to always have a blush on my cheeks by nature. But, apparently, the exorbitant use of decorative cosmetics once affects, the healthy lifestyle is not always and there is no trace left of the blush :(
The product's name: Blush Vivienne Sabo Rose de Velours # 22
Description of the manufacturer:... Fresh as a May rose! ... So they will talk about you if you use the embossed blush Rose de Velours from Vivienne Sabo. The aroma of roses, delicate and feminine, will envelop you in a light haze, and the delicate texture will subtly and gently refresh your face. Smile at your reflection. You are lovely! The delicate texture of the blush is applied very thinly and looks completely natural blush. Your task is to choose the right color!
My version of blush has already been used a little - for some reason I didn’t think of making a general photo right after the purchase, ideally blush looks like this:

My opinion: blush packaging is rather modest - ordinary plastic, no mirrors, brushes. In this they clearly lose to many others, in which there is at least a brush. Yes, it is usually not of the best quality, especially for budget products, but it’s still nice, you must agree. It’s not always convenient to carry such a thing with you - you won’t be able to fix makeup without a mirror and a brush, and not everyone carries a cosmetic bag with them. But for me this is not a minus, because I don’t take anything from cosmetics with balm :) The blush itself has a relief rose pattern and smells like a rose too, though chemical. The smell is barely perceptible and disappears literally in a day or two. The texture of the blush is quite soft, they are easily typed on the brush. They are stewed well, the color gives intense, just one application with a brush. The durability of the blush is decent - by the end of the working day they do not change their appearance. I liked the fact that they do not contain sparkles at all, but give only a very delicate glow, a little pearly, and then it can only be seen in sunlight. Under electric lighting, the blush on the cheeks looks dull. In general, I can summarize that this is a good budget blush :)
It was quite difficult to catch this glow, I hope you can consider it :)

From the photo it may seem that some blush is porous, I can assure you that this is not so. It's all about a hard brush that scratches blush and a macro shot that sees something we can hardly see :)

General view in daylight. Unfortunately, without the sun, therefore, the glow, as on the hand, is not visible Blush look very natural, almost invisible on the face, but refresh it, giving it a kind of frosty blush.

Rating: 5
Price: 40 UAH / 160 rub
Test period: 2 months
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