Lipsticks - felt-tip pens: Maybelline New York Color Sensational and Lumene Lingonberry

About two months ago, for the first time I found out that there is such a thing as a felt-tip pen for the lips. This was the new Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 kisses. I immediately wanted her and went in search of. I went into Letual, IDB, Rive Gauche, and still nothing, no one even knows about this. Then I completely forgot what I wanted to look for. After receiving the scholarship, I, as always, went to Rive Gauche to buy something and then ... at the Maybelline booth ... I saw them ... felt-tip pens. I chose the right shade for a long time. I chose. Satisfied went on. And here - again! Only Lumene markers. Cheers cheers! Having taken 2 felt-tip pens, I went to the ticket office) Having arrived home, I remembered that, in fact, Rimmel wanted to still not have this felt-tip pen, well, okay, as soon as I appear, I'll buy it)
So, look)
1. Maybelline New York Color Sensational LipStain # 150 tender rose - A persistent lip marker in the shade of # 150 tender rose.

From me:
The lightest shade from this line. As soon as you open the cap, the first thing you notice is the aroma, the aroma of berries. It dries very quickly, within 30 seconds. Gives an even color. Persistent! In the morning at 6 in the morning I put on makeup and only at 10 o'clock pigment remained on my lips, yes, definitely "without the effect of lipstick." There is a minus. He dries his lips terribly. Therefore, you should always take lip balm with him.


Result: 5- (minus for dry lips)
Test period: week
Price: 259 rubles
2. Lumene Lingonberry Lasting Lip Stain & Balm with Arctic Lingonberry # 11 Secret Salaisuus - Ultra-long-lasting lipstick - felt-tip pen + moisturizing lip balm in shade # 11 Secret Salaisuus.

From me:
I wanted to take a shade brighter. Gives an even color, smells like berries. It dries in a few seconds, and if you add another layer, the color is deeper. You can also use the tip of the lipstick applicator - felt-tip pen as a lip pencil. 30 seconds after applying the lipstick, you can apply a layer of lip balm, which is located on the other end of the marker. But this felt-tip pen dries lips, anyway.


Rating: 5- (dry lips)
Testing period: several days
Price: 320 rubles gold Rive Gauche

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