Ruddy experiment

I propose to conduct a small experiment on blush and meteorites, who are interested, please under

So what did I need

Old blush (from my SEPHOR set)
Refil from old blush.
5 types of meteorite balls. Which I previously pushed on paper. And the bright, nasty blush themselves

I also need a cotton pad and alcohol (I took boric acid)

Next, I rubbed my blush refill with alcohol.

Then I put a spoon on what is lying on a piece of paper, I put in a refim from blush.
It turns out this:

Next step: Pour alcohol into the refill with blush and swipe the cotton pad dry over the surface until it dries, as possible

And in the end, I got this:
It doesn’t look very good, but you can use it.
The effect is as follows:

Here I have such a small experiment of getting rid of unnecessary, bright blush.
I am Natasha, to me on "you"

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