Orly # 40747 Saphire Silk or continuation of the blue-green theme

Recently, I’ve been losing my mind from turquoise colors in manicure and make-up, but this partially applied to varnishes: I mainly paid attention to light, mint-aquamarine colors. But here I wanted something darker and deeper, because I love the blue color very much, and I adore dark turquoise in general. Of course, I started looking for the desired color in the palette of my favorite varnishes ORLY. And found

Full name of varnish: ORLY Nail Lacquer - # 40747 Saphire Silk
Detailed opinion: A varnish from the Precious seasonal collection that my favorite Ancient Jade introduced me to.
As for the hero of the post, here Orly did not disappoint again: the quality of the varnish is very good. The texture is glossy enamel. In one layer a little uneven, but still does not strip. The second layer corrects everything, and the varnish begins to look properly. Liquid, which is typical for the company. The color is very beautiful: dark, slightly dusted turquoise, leaving more blue. Worn for a long time - about 4 days without a top and about a week with it. It dries quickly by itself, but for the sake of confidence I still cover the Sec'n'Dry drying top.
So it is presented on the official website:

Price: 299 rub in the store network "Girlfriend"
Rating: 5
Test period: about a month
Happy holidays to all!
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