Shine in my makeup bag (Lumene, Vivienne Sabo, L'oreal, Bourjois)

I decided to talk about the products with which I sponge up. Who cares, I ask for a cut!

Hello, beautiful girls!

I present to you my small collection.
So ... we begin
1. Lumene NATURAL CODE SMILE BOOSTER No. 3 Lipgloss:

Detailed opinion: I really like this shine :) He has a comfortable sponge, it is not sticky, persistent, does not feel on his lips, does not spread, does not dry his lips. It looks glossy, as I like. In one of the photos, de during the flash, it can be seen that it flows a little into folds, but this is visible in macro, in life it is invisible. This tube is already my second and it’s almost over and when it’s finished, I’ll go buy a third one! :)
Rating: 5+++
2. Couleurs de Luxe Lip Gloss from Vivienne Sabo No. 82:
Detailed opinion: Well, it's not so much shine as liquid lipstick. I liked the color, that summer, when I was tanned, it looked very beautiful with a tan. Now they don’t paint, because it’s pale like a toadstool)) Besides the color, I don’t like anything else in it ... It will emphasize all the husks that you have, even the smallest! I don’t know what they write about easy distribution, but you need to apply it like this ... first, paint the lips with a sponge and then pat it with your finger, otherwise it will fall into stripes and there will be generally quiet horror ...
Rating: For color 5, for quality 2
3. NIVEA Fruit Shine Lip Balm Cherry:
Detailed opinion: Balm ... mmm ... it smells deliciously like a cherry, a little chemical. It gives a little color, it doesn’t feel on the lips at all! It moisturizes the sponge, but until you erase it, therefore, for care, I think it will not work, because it will not provide sufficient moisture or nutrition. But I still really like it!
Rating: 5
4. Lip gloss Bourjois Effet 4D No. 61:
It is with sparkles
Detailed opinion: Well, I have had this shine for a very long time ... I don’t know why, but I rarely paint my lips with it) It is transparent, but on top of the compartment, and in the compartment ... mmm ... beautiful little sparkles! It is like 2 gloss in one: either the effect of wet lips, or slight flicker. It is not very sticky, but still, I feel it a little on my lips. But he is good in that any lipstick can be made into a glossy shine with him. The second time I will not buy, because I do not know when this one will end)
Rating: 5
5. L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss No. 04 Moon Crystal:
Detailed opinion: I bought this shine spontaneously, came to buy mascara, and together with mascara I bought shine and I have no regrets. Actually, I don’t really like gloss with a lot of sparkles, but here they are not felt on the lips! I did not notice the moisturizing properties. It is not felt on the lips, it is not sticky, I can’t say for durability, I haven’t painted it for a long time. It shimmers very beautifully in the sun. The sponge in the form of a heart is very convenient.
Rating: 5
6. Couleurs Fraiches lip gloss from Vivienne Sabo No. 04
Detailed opinion: Another inexpensive shine. It has a comfortable brush, it is not sticky, resistant, does not spread, does not form a white strip. It looks very beautiful! It doesn’t feel on the lips either! The color is pale pink, visible on the lips only with a flash. In general, a great shine and I really, really like it! Will end, buy more!
Rating: 5+++
Swatch on hand:
Left to right: Bourjois Effet 4D, Couleurs Fraiches from Vivienne Sabo, L'Oreal Glam Shine, Lumene NATURAL CODE, Couleurs de Luxe from Vivienne Sabo, NIVEA Fruit Shine Cherry.
Forgive me for not doing it right, at first I did it, then I thought Next time I will be more attentive!
Ufff ... all ... thanks for reading!
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