Gosh Smokey Eyes Palette Reviews

Hello dear beauticians!
Today I will tell you about my next eye shadow palette in purple tones - this is the new four Gosh eyeshadow for Smokey Eyes makeup.

In total, the collection consists of three palettes: white-gray-black, in warm brown tones and in muted purple tones. Of course, my eyes immediately fell on the purple! As usual, I walked around this palette for a long time, smeared it, smeared it in my hands and eventually bought it. Most of all, I was attracted by the lilac-gold hue, which seemed to me a complete analogue of the same hue from Chanel Vanites, but only more convenient to use - and I've been looking for it for so long!
The box is made of matte black plastic, it closes with a magnet, partitions are made between the shades, there is a transparent window on top, and there is no mirror or sponges inside, which is frustrating ... The box is very large and the mirror in it would be incredibly convenient! Plus, it opens completely 180 degrees, but there is no mirror ...
A transparent little thing is embedded inside with the make-up scheme proposed by the manufacturer, which initially seems to be a picture on the box, but this is not so, and it can be removed at all.
Colors are as follows:
- white matte color with a slight pink tint (when used under an eyebrow during the day, it disappears somewhere!),
- a very pale lilac-golden chameleon with golden small spangles,
- pearly very pale "dusty" lilac color (quite a bit darker than the previous one),
- dark eggplant color with a lot of multi-colored small spangles.
Here you can see the glitter in two colors:
Here you can see the pearlescent shadows:
All the spangles are very small, they can even be called flickering particles, but when applied, they almost all crumble and appear under the eyes! It was a shock! Since all the beauty has disappeared from the century ... It was a disappointment, I did not expect such a behavior of the palette. Only the wet application method or the pencil backing saves the situation, but the base does not affect either the glitter or the color rendering of the eyelids. In general, all the shades are quite soft and well pigmented, fit well on the eyelid and extinguish, but the dark shade noticeably falls off by itself, in addition to the sparkles contained in it ... Perhaps the brush will crumble the shadows, or they will “dust”, I’m I put a sponge.
I adapted to apply shades with sparkles as if driving in the movements of the sponge, if possible, not “smearing” them over the eyelid, but “applying” color - so the sparkles show off to a minimum.
The durability is wonderful (except for white when used under an eyebrow), with a base, the shadows do not roll for 10 hours, and without a base, they roll down after a few hours, but thanks to the muted pale colors on the eyelids, this is not very noticeable (unless you apply the darkest shade of solo).
Swatch on hand in different lighting conditions:

In the eyes of some photos, it is difficult to clearly understand something, because shades of shadows are very restrained, dim. Also, some photos are fuzzy, but they additionally reveal flicker of sparkles or golden overflow:

But the next make-up made me very happy! Here I first applied matte white color to the inner corner and was very surprised that it looks good there, much better than the mother-of-pearl shadows I used to! It was really a discovery, because I don’t like matte shadows, I haven’t had them before! All other colors of the palette were also used: lilac-gold for the middle of the century, dark in the corner, lilac in the lower eyelid, and Rimmel's white mother-of-pearl shadows under the eyebrow:

Conclusion - since I bought a palette practically for the sake of one lilac-gold color, on the whole I had to be initially satisfied, because it turned out to be what I expected, but the glittering of spangles really upset me until I got used to these shadows. Later, my disappointment was still replaced by joy, I tamed this palette, and now I am really happy :) The third pale lilac color in the palette was very necessary and useful, matte white opened from a new angle, and lilac-gold was beyond praise!
I will add another small comparison of the lilac-gold shades from this Gosh palette and the Chanel Vanites palette, since basically for the sake of this color Gosh was bought. The following swatches show that in general the shades are very, very similar, but they look different due to different textures and different pigmentation, as well as more golden sparkles in Chanel. In this case, Chanel applied with the base, and Gosh without the base.
Left Gosh (second hue from the top), right Chanel Vanites (left lower hue)

Assessment - let it be 5-.
The term of use is about two weeks.
Price - 570 p. with discount.
I am Anya, to me on "you".

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