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Good evening girls! and boys)
Those who read my post about hair care know that I really wanted to try Regenerator for thin and dry hair with buckwheat and raspberries from Green Mama and a review was promised.
Two weeks have not yet passed (and will not pass already), but I will nevertheless write to warn those who have aimed at him. I report.
So, such a bottle settled on my shelf.

Detailed opinion: So, when I ran out of spray from the Green Pharmacy, I gladly got this regenerator waiting for my turn, it beautifully attracted beautiful flowers from a bottle:
Bottles with a standard sprayer:
It atomizes perfectly, finely and evenly (if you can characterize it this way, of course). And he sprays, so this is the composition:
Now about the product itself ... It smells nice, the smell disappears quickly, unobtrusive, light. And the advantages of this water for me are over. The next morning after use, my head was terribly scratching, in some places the scalp began to peel off. I am not allergic, my scalp is not sensitive, why such a result is incomprehensible ... After testing the spray, it has been 4 days already and is still scratching in some places. That's why I can’t test it as it should for 2 weeks - I will study to death) and the reaction is unlikely to change.
I don’t know what else to write ... In general, if you want to, try it, maybe it will do, if you come up, use it, he has a good composition, there are enough useful herbs. I’m returning to the Green Pharmacy and give this to my mother, maybe she will suit her. I am very sorry, frankly, that it happened, I really hoped for it.
Price: 40 hryvnias.
Test period: 1 time…
Thanks for reading. I hope someone will be useful.
I am Alice. I’m sure to say “you”.
The product caused an allergic reaction, tested less than 2 weeks

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