Clarins & Lumene (Lip Gloss Comparison)

Hello! Today I want to compare two brilliance. One of the kind of "massmarket", another of the kind of "luxury", one of the Lumene clan, the other of the Clarins clan. Why them? Because they are similar, but there are differences. Well, in order ...
First I will describe and show each shine separately, and then I will do a comparative analysis.

Lumene Natural Code Smile Booster No. 7
I began to buy these shine after the next post on the Beautician. At first I had a shade of number 5. When it ended, I ran to the store, but I did not find that shade. But, because I didn’t want to leave without this brilliance, I took No. 7.
Girls, these shines are wonderful (from number 4 to number 7). I don’t know why, but it seems to me that it is very similar to the shine from Chanel. Although I didn’t have Chanel’s shine, I’m hardly mistaken for the tests in the store and, trusting my intuition. The gloss is quite dense, the color is translucent with sparkles, moderately sticky (I do not like the texture of glosses like Dior), with unobtrusive fragrance and aftertaste, persistent. It does not clog into folds, does not spread. Lips do not dry (but also does not moisturize). I am very comfortable with him! In the sun, sparkles play very beautifully on the lips. Glitter does not deliver physical discomfort. Shine is applied with a sponge, by the way, I do not like brushes.
Here is the sponge:
Swatch on hand:
Swatch on the lips:

Rating: 5+
Clarins Baume Couleur Levres Hydratation et Brilliance # 02
I got it in a mini version. Looks like a lumens shine (directly copy and paste). Very dense, translucent with gloss, moderately sticky, resistance is slightly lower than that of Lumene, the smell is pleasant - caramel. Lips do not dry, and even moisturizes a little. But the smack ... I don't like him. Very intrusive, weak-witted. Honestly, I just want to erase it from hell. And not only because of the smell, but because of too much density. A feeling of heaviness on the lips ... It is applied from a tube (like Lankomovsky Jusik). I won’t say that it’s inconvenient, but it’s more usual for me to wield a sponge.
Swatch on hand:
Swatch on the lips:

Girls, the photo shine looks great. But, to me personally, wearing it is “hard” and cloying ...
Rating: 4 with a minus (a beautiful shade, but I don’t feel like wearing it)
Below is a comparative table with the main parameters:
Durability: Lumene 5, Clarins 4
Anti-stickiness: Lumene 5, Clarins 4
Application: Lumene 5, Clarins 4
Density: Lumene 5, Clarins 4
Smell: Lumene 5, Clarins 5
Smack: Lumene 5, Clarins 3
Comfort: Lumene 5, Clarins 3
Dryness / hydration: Lumene 4, Clarins 5
Price: Lumene 5, Clarins 4
Amount: Lumene 44, Clarins 32
Average grade: Lumene 4.9; Clarins 4
If you remember, I initially put my marks, not focusing on the table. So be it! Using copyright, I overestimated my favorite, and slightly underestimated the other (the law of life).
Definitely won Lumene.
Photo with a winner:

And here you can see how the shine "glistens" in the sun:
Be beautiful!
Your Yana.

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